Have you met any of your TD friends in person?

Have you ever been subjected to that weekend workshop ice-breaker exercise in which you pair up, ask your partner some questions, and then have to present your "new friend" to the group? I think these exercises tread a VERY fine line between fun and torture.

But a recent post by Natalie reminded me of this ice-breaker and I think it could be really fun (not torture) to share stories of meeting our TuDiabetes online friends in person. Only kind words allowed! ...And names aren't required.

I'll start: Emily Walton! You can find her on every page in TuDiabetes because she's our Office/Volunteer Coordinator. There's a LOT to know about Emily (as, of course, there is about everyone), but I'm going to be brief. Emily is bubbly and smiley, and has a fantastic sense of humor! She's super on-the-ball and organized at work, but always seems happy and relaxed. She's amazingly friendly and polite to telemarketers and people who provide customer service over the phone. ... And she giggles a lot.

Your turn!


I hear you on get-to-know-you games. I worked in the mental health field for a large community services board organization. We had an annual three-day retreat with those trust building, personal disclosure & know you exercises. Hated every minute of it. Hey, the reason I can get along professionally with my co-workers is by maintaining a professional, not personal, relationship.

I had the wonderful fortune to meet Kristin http://www.tudiabetes.org/profile/Kristin. By an amazing coincidence (Kristin lives in Hungary), Kristin’s brother got married about 20 minutes from where I live! What are the chances? When she told me where the wedding was, I screamed so loud my dogs barked. Felt like meeting a long lost sister. Kristin’s beautiful inside & outside. She’s down to earth, smart, warm, insightful & easy to talk to. Felt like I knew her forever. I also met her charming husband & family.

I haven’t met anyone form Tudiabetes, but I have met a friend from Diabetic Rockstar. Her name is Allison, and she lives about 235 miles away in a suburb of Minneapolis/St.Paul. Over the years, we have become very close friends and often share our frustrations, joys sorrows and cares. We share an occasional meal too, whenever I get to that area. Over the years, she has become my rock when it comes to this disease. She is very important in my life.

No, I live too far away…

I’ve meet with Richard157 for lunch. I live about 2 hours from him. We had a great time exchaging “old war” stories about the old days with D. If you do not know who he is he has had D for 66 years. He has me beat. I’m at the 53 year mark.

You’ve met me too, Emily! :slight_smile:

I have met up with other online diabetics in the past 10 years before there was the DOC. We were part of the prohealth community. They have come to Chicago a few times over the years, and some are members here, does that count? :slight_smile:

Yup, met Melitta and Fabi and Kerri Sparling at the Diabetes Sisters conference. But I have also met people from other groups and lists, because I have been online with diabetes for nearly 20 years, and have friends from that long ago who are still dear to me. I’ve watched the DOC grow from Usenet groups and private lists to the wonderful online resource it is today. Lucky me! :slight_smile:


Well!! I am lucky! I met couple Tud friends in real life!!

I had the joy to meet with Manny (trust me, he is the coolest and funniest geek I ever ever met, hehe), met the lovely and incredible creative Andreina, funny and spontaneous Emily Walton, and… You, Emily Coles :slight_smile: so compassionate and grounded, with whom I had an amazing conversation!!

I met with Natalie, Melitta, Crystal and Kerri Sparling at the Diabetes Sisters Conference in San Diego. Vibrant and inspiring women

I met the inspirational and strong Mari (Team Wild) at the Wild Camp for women with diabetes http://teamwild.org/

I met the helpful and caring Zoe while attending her amazing support group for women with type 1 in Berkeley!

I didn’t meet but I have talked over the phone with Robyn and she is really the sweetest thing!! It was SO good to hear her voice. Someday I wish we can meet in person

I hope the list gets bigger and bigger because it is just awesome to meet with big heart people like Tud family

Seriously, it might be a bit egocentric, hehe, but all the D people I met and their supporters are SPECIAL. So It makes me think there is something about this disease that makes people more compassionate and adorable.

Thanks Manny and Andre with all my heart for this amazing community, If it was not because of Tud I would not have met all this amazing people!!!

Because of living with d for almost 29 years and having attended diabetes related functions for many moons I have met a number of Canadians , who are Tu members …the other side of the coin , a few ( Canadians and a Dutch chap ) I mentioned TuD to signed up .
If our plans work out for a couple of weeks away from winter and travel south …maybe visit Manny , Danny ???

I haven’t met anyone from Tud yet. Perhaps this summer. :slight_smile: I did meet 2 Nice Friends off of other sites.

Visiting people where it’s warm is a must now that it’s getting cold out! Perhaps we need to include latitude in the “profile”?

Lucky me !!! I met Manny and Emily (Walton) this past summer in Berkeley at the DHF office. It was a real treat.

I neglected to mention : I have met Tu members FatCatAnna and Yves Provost at the Montreal IDF meeting,October 2009 ...we volunteered ...it was more like getting to know each other with lots of giggles ; Both Anna and Yves ( whose Dad was helping too ) spent more time doing the " real work " , I was also attending the CDA's NAGM ...and only had a few hours available .

Sound like Match Making! Not like the course openings I have been to!

I've never met anyone off this site, but I did meet someone in person whom I met on another diabetes site years ago. It's really neat—there's been about five or six people so far who I knew for years online before ever meeting in person (only one related to diabetes, though).