Gymnema Sylvestre to regenerate pancreatic beta cells

Ran across something, never heard of anyone using it. Gymnema sylvestre to regenerate or revitalize pancreatic beta cells, just do a search and look at the information. Is this just another hoax with companies wanting to cash in on our desparate dollars or is there something to it? Does anyone know anything about it?

Look on Pubmed. If anything it's for Type 2

"Gymnema sylvestre reduced HbA(1c) levels in 2 small open-label trials."

Complementary and alternative medicine for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Can Fam Physician. 2009 Jun;55(6):591-6.

Another paper claims Beta cell regeneration in rats. Interesting science, but even if it works in human Type 1's, presumably something else would be needed to induce immune tolerance of the regenerated Beta-cells.
(Alloxan is a toxin that kills the rat beta cells, it's not an immune process like in NOD mouse models)

I think John hit the nail on the head with his comments about “immune tolerance”. Realistically speaking, what does it matter if the beta cells are regenerated if one’s t-cells just kill the new ones? Regeneration whether from embryonic or adult stem cells, or, any other method, is the 2nd half of the battle for those already dx’d with Type 1. The first battle is figuring out how to “reboot” the immune system to not kill beta cells. Once that’s figured out, then regenerate-away!!


There are a few pharmaceutical compounds under clinical trials right now that may (or may not) stop the T cells from attacking Beta cells. If you read the clinical trial data, only those kids who are still honeymooning are able to participate and possibly benefit. I would be elated to find something that regenerates Beta cells. It is an important step to finding a cure. What if a cure is found some day and only those with active Beta cells can benefit? I’m not saying that Gymnema Sylvestre regenerates beta cells.

i have read they give out GM in India to treat diabetes. Supposedly, it works like a charm in reducing BLS. I have read that two tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice does the trick as well.
My feeling is that Pharmacuet companies and doctors who get money from Pharmaceut companies don’t want to lose business to a naturally occurring compound that helps the sick. Diabetes is big business. glucose strips cost a bundle as do the meds. There has been alot of research on GM and it is sound.
Camel’s milk has also been studied and found to have glucose lowering properties. Camel’s milk has an insulin like protein that lowers BLS. It is illegal to sell in the US. wonder why???

I had come across Gymnema Sylvestre a few months ago when searching for alternative med/herbs/supplements in the hoipe of prolonging honeymoon for just diagnosed daughter. I read various articles/claims/anecdotes stating how it helps lower BG levels. They all appeared to be referring to type 2. Then I went on Amazon and read all the reviews for every Gymnema Sylvestre product and in one of them I found a long time type 1 who stated that it has really helped him lower his a1c.

I bought this product but my daughter has not used it yet as we are still working through MDI, and now pump + infusion set marks. Anyone else tried it?

Did you try the product for your daughter. If so was it a liquid powder or pill

Do you know how to be a part of clinical trials?