Had. my. surgery

So far, not too bad recovery wise. I thought i couldn’t breathe after anesthesia, but fine now. I had to fight for lantus as my current nurse refused based on lows in the morning, despite easy correction and great numbers all day. Had to beg a doctor for 5 units, won then. They also refused to do an insulin to carb ratio, only sliding scale. Hospitals are the worst.

Hi, Sensorium. I'm glad your operation is over and you're on the way to recovery. I was in the hospital over the New Year's with an emergency operation on my belly, and they horrified me with that sliding scale insulin regimen. My doctor came to visit me and gave them an order, giving me the appropriate daily amount. Do you have a doctor who could help you out that way? Anyway, hospital visits do finally end, then you can treat yourself.

yes, the hospital told me they only use levemir and novalog when I take lantus and humalog. They wouldn't give me levenir before surgery and did some weird thing where I always got 4u of novalog that didn't seem to relate to carbs in or current bgs. I'm so glad it's over for you!