Had surgery today and was allowed to use my Dex and Pump

I had 3 vertebrates in my neck fused and 2 disks replaced today. The doctors and nurse let me keep my Dexcom and omnipod on during the procedure. They said I know my diabetes better than they do. I taught them how to use the Dex and they loved it. I put my basal rate on my pump down to 50% and it all worked out great. My BG was only 180 when I got out of the recovery room. I have heard stories where Dr’s would not let paitents do this but mine did. I was so thankful. Just wanted to share.

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I’ve worn my pump during a number of surgeries performed by a number of doctors. Their main concern is that the patients’ bg’s are high-normal, rather than low. The anesthesiologist can always adjust your bg’s during the procedure if need be.

John, thanks for sharing your story. i will be having sugary in the 1st week in january and although my endo had to give the “go-ahead” that i am healthy for the 2 hour surgery, i still want to wear both my pump and my sensor. the surgeons OKed the pump, but i didn’t think about keeping on my sensor. now i will be aware of asking the docs about it. my cgm is a great tool for the anesthesiologist. my endo wants me to lower my basal rate to 80% pre-opt. and then return it to 100% post surgery. i am anxious about the surgery, but i hope that it all goes well and that i really have very little to be anxious about.

thank you so much for sharing your story. greatly appreciated.
Daisy Mae

So, this is something I’ve never thought about before. If your blood sugars start to go low or high during surgery, will they adjust your pump? What does happen if you go dangerously low during a surgery? That’s kind of terrifying!

NO, they seldom will touch your pump. They will give you glucose or insulin, either IV or an injection (I once was given an insulin injection by the anesthesiologist during surgery). Every doc I have personally discussed my pump with has said they won’t touch it.

Sorry to hear you need surgery but I am sure it will turn out well. My surgery lasted 2.5 hours and by reducing my basal it worked out well. I met with my anesthesiologist before surgery and showed him my CGM and how it showed the trends. They will still do a finger stick on you during surgery but he can see if going high or low, what your trend is. They liked that info. I did a temp basal for 50% but I could have done 80% and that would have worked out fine. Good luck with your suregery.