Had to make this a special thread

I want to THANK everyone who put up with my questions and whining last week about carbs and such.
My visit to the RDN was wonderful, we tweeked somethings, and changed completely some others. I did fine on my menus, just have to watch that portion control. The carbs aren’t so difficult to get in line, if I remember to journal on a daily basis. I’ve started my own cookbook notebook, and like someone suggested a list of foods not contained on line or in books for when I go to the store. Dh has been very helpful with adjusting recipes for me.(us)…so it’s been a good thing. My sugars are down, and will continue to go down, and my weigh went down 2.5 lbs. I’m happy and have you all to thank you for the help!

Congrats! It’s nice to be in control =)

Way to go, Cathy! It wasn’t so long ago I was having my own overwhelm. I thought something was simpler then it was and when I posed a question on the board and realized I couldn’t even concentrate to read and understand the answer,I knew how stressed I was from all I’d been learning in a short time. I just had a good frustrated cry and came back later and read it and started from step one and now those things I was so stressed over are just routine.

Keep up the good work!

Good for you! Thrilled to hear happy news.

Congratulations! Way to go!