1st appt

Well our first appointment was AMAZING!! The dr. was so awesome. She even answered her own phone! I was in shock. She did change the way DD does her insulin. She is doing a insulin to carb ratio now. SO we are learning a little more about all of this. And how to cover the big numbers. Hopefully these get under control and we don’t have to see them anymore :D.
I have to call her on Wed. to let her know how the ratio she set up for us is going. Right now it is 1/c and 1/50 >100 So hopefully this will not have to be tweaked too much. We will see. It will take some time. She gave us a binder with a few handouts and some sheets to write our numbers on and color code them. I love this idea! It is nice to be so organized from the get go. She also gave DD a pen for the Humalog and wants her to keep it with her so that when she has a snack or eats lunch she can calculate her carbs and then go ahead an eat. Its so much nicer this way. I am so relieved. I feel like a big weight is off of my shoulders now.
Ok Back to work now! Bye

HOORAH!!! What great news! Glad to hear that you are both in good hands!

Carb counting is great! You will be professional carb counters soon!

Here is a good website for getting nutrition facts: Calorie King
There is also a small book that is has lots of nutrition facts. When I was first diagnosed, I carried it in my purse. Might be useful for Maddy at least in the beginning to be able to look up her carbs if needed! Though all packaged foods have the nutrition facts written on them!

their mobile site is great too, i bring it up on my pda phone, when i go out to lunch/dinner.

I’m alway glad to hear such a good report. It can be so frustrating.