ooh, I love gaping maw. nice.

The Lancer

All plastic and spring
Ready to make its dull point
It’s time. Lock and load!

Sorry, Melissa! I edited it while you were reading!

(original version)

Insert strip and code.
Its gaping maw is waiting
For its drop of blood

Play The Game

dose two units now
wait at least thirty minutes
enjoy a sweet treat

darn this pump software.
can’t get data uploaded.
calling tomorrow…

Alarm Procession

beep beep cartridge low
beep beep beep cartridge empty
wee woo wee woo wee

Blood sugar is high
the soda wasn’t diet
pumping insulin

a kink in my tube
bubbles in my reservoir
lets start over please

i just realized that my first line was 6 syllables. tsk tsk. hey, what can i say, i was too low at the time to care i guess.

I feel funny now
Blood sugar my meter shows
Something I must eat

Fears our friends don’t have…

My foot fell asleep!
Oh god, it’s neuropathy!
Wait, I just sat wrong.

HAHA… I have definitely experienced that Melissa! Sometimes I have to remind myself that ANYONE’s foot would fall asleep if they sat on it for an hour.

(Sorry that I didn’t phrase my response in a Haiku!!)

I stick my forearm
Blood springs quickly to the top
I can relax now

Syringe count dwindles
Kaiser can’t refill quite yet
Wallet gets lighter

Minimed Dexcom
Novonordisk Omnipod
One Touch Ultra Smart

Glucose tabs, lancets,
Alcohol swabs, blood test strips
What did I forget?

T1, A1C,
BG - WTF ?!?

Hands go numb driving.
I think too, neuropathy!
Man…just go away!

  • or -

Hands go numb driving.
I think too, neuropathy!
I lighten my grip.

Heh! Really clever.

Weary from the fight
I’ll trust life (between the lines)
'til there’s nothing left…

When fear calls to you
Saying, "good health cannot last"
Squash it like a bug.