The WEGO Health Activist writing challenge for today was to write a haiku for your condition. Well, I wrote a bunch, and I think other diabetes bloggers did too. And then I thought, we ought to assemble them into a book, just to be able to read them all in one place. Me, I have no idea how to assemble or publish a book, but is anyone game?

Here are mine:


Hi Natalie. Why not enter the haikus (one week at a time) in the No-Sugar Added Poetry Contest? They say that another book may be published, and haikus played a prominent place in the last one. Look on the upper left hand of the homepage. Of course, one must be a member of TuD, but that's easy to accomplish!

I was going to suggest what Trudy did - she beat me to it!

If you still decide to publish them, I suggest using It takes some basic design skills, but prices are pretty reasonable. You can design the books, and have them sent to you. You only pay for what you purchase. As well, other people can purchase the books online and you get some royalties.

Thanks, Trudy and Kelly and Marie B. I submitted one tonight, and will choose 3 others for the next 3 weeks. That means I only have to rule out 2! :-) I actually could have kept going, but I figured 6 was enough! :-)