......hairy legs

I don't shave my legs. And now that I'm officially 60 years old, who cares? I'm too fat to wear shorts, but I do wear cropped pants and figure nobody'll notice. Big deal.
I see a cardiologist on a yearly basis because I have an irregular heart beat. My wonderful doc, who I'd been with for 12 years, recently retired.
I'm always anxious about seeing someone new, but concluded that even if he was a jerk, I could tolerate him for 10 minutes per year.
Thankfully, there was a good connection - personable and respectful.
He was checking my ankles for any signs of swelling and exclaimed, "oh, mercy, Kathy, you've got all this nice hair on your legs!!".
I thought, "oh sheesh, is he some kind of weirdo or what?"
I must have looked puzzled, so he replied, "it means your circulation is good - I'm so pleased for you".
Well, I'll take a compliment, no matter what the context.

Love it! I guess my circulation must be pretty good too (it's mid-winter in South Africa). :)

lol.. that is so funny... ! I have always had very little hair on my legs.. but they all said my circulation looks great currently. I hate shaving etc. so I guess I'm lucky not to have to do it that much.

Well , who knew :)
I noticed after breast surgery and removal of lymph node in 1984 that the arm pit hair growth is almost nil . Hair on my legs blond ,or is it grey ? not too noticeable ( sp?)..must be the Dutch in me .

Actually, many of us have lost the hair on the lower parts of our legs. It is one of the complications of diabetes, a microvascular complication. Bernstein notes it. I have it and it emerged years before my actual diagnosis. Perhaps in this way, it actually is a compliment.

Like Nel I lost armpit hair and leg hair after removal of a lymph node and chemotherapy. Of course, I could be mistaken and it could be due to diabetes now.

So that's why I don't have hair on my lower legs and very little on thigh areas as well. Just thought I was getting old lol

Now I have to wonder. My leg hair has grown sparse and I had assumed it was the result of decades of epilation -- that pulling the hairs out by the roots repeatedly had gradually caused fewer to grow in. It could be that, or it could be circulation . . . .

hahah! that's hilarious.

My circulation must be great ... I've more leg hair than most of the men I know.

ROFLMAO. I must have superb circulation then . . . . except in my head . . .

way to fuuny...love your attitude honey!

That makes me wonder if rogaine on the legs might improve circulation in legs and help with overall leg health in diabetic neuropathy.