Docs and THE LOOK

I have been realizing something interesting lately. On here we kind of take it for a given that the vast majority of doctors (especially PCPs) are less than up-to-date on diabetes care and that it is our "job" to educate ourselves and to manage our own condition. Some of us report having "good" doctors or endos who are up to date and who respect and support our self-management, low carbing, etc. But we almost always talk about this as a lucky exception to the rule.

On the other hand when I talk to people who don't have diabetes I sound, even to myself, like a crazy person who believes in conspiracy theory, thinks I know better than "the professionals" and has a lack of trust that is dangerously close to the psychotics I've worked with professionally!

Today I was talking to my niece about needing to keep an eye on my brother (her father's) progress as a pre-diabetic. She told me he had very good insurance and doctors (he is much more comfortable financially than I am) and when i said "most doctors are pretty behind the times on their diabetes information" I got THE LOOK. I'm not used to THE LOOK! I am generally considered to be an intelligent and reasonable person! It's a weird feeling! Anyone else get this response? Sound crazy even to yourself? Feel like you are a member of a special club? Learn to keep your opinions of docs to yourself to avoid THE LOOK?