My new diet



hehehehehe. Its good.


Funny yes, but a bit childish. I hope your approach to managing diabetes is a bit more mature.


Wow, I guess I am a 60 year old child and 30 year veteran of t1d who finds humor in life. Yes diabetes is a serious, terrible disease we will always have but lighten up ah*!


Maybe so, 73 T2 for ten years, I just never make a joke about illness or some ones limitation.

Unfortunately it sounded more like most T2 I know, who would never ride a bike or cut carbs. Especially if given and excuse.
Just reminds me of my brother in law, who ignored his doctors advice (although not very good advice.).
He has difficulty riding a bike now. Only one leg left, no that is not funny either.


Sorry for being harsh, I can’t ride a bike either, jade a total occlusion to right leg caused by a dvt. They saved leg but can’t use toes and have limited use in leg. Have cancer and just got out of hospital after 2 weeks in cardiac ICU due to 3rd heart attack last week.
Just trying to spread a little cheer and mabey give someone a laugh.




Be real!!

Thank you
John Frahm


Funny! I always enjoy a smile!