Halle Berry weaned herself off insulin - huh?

We know of celebrities with type 1, like Mary Tyler Moore, Gary Hall, Bret Michaels, etc. I had always heard that Halle Berry was among them. She collapsed suddenly while filming her tv series years ago (she was like 22 at the time) and was immediately put on insulin, diagnosed type 1. That was the story, anyway. However, she had said in an interview a couple of years ago that she has “adult-onset diabetes” (who uses that term these days?) and therefore has to use insulin. It made no sense. Well, in a new article linked below she claims “I’ve managed to wean myself off insulin, so now I like to put myself in the Type 2 category".

Huh? I’d sure like to wean myself off insulin, lol! I just thought this was the weirdest statement and thought I’d share…


I’m confused. I thought she was on the pump. I know money can buy a lot, but this is the first time I have heard that it can buy you the ability to cure a chronic illness before scientists can figure it out. LOL

She probably has one of the oddball forms of diabetes that are often confused with either Type 1 or Type 2, like early LADA or MODY.

Or maybe she had some kind of pancreatitis that temporarily shut down her beta cells?

Diabetes is so much more complex than the usual Type 1/Type 2 thing. Even doctors don’t know very much about the oddball stuff, though.

Duisburgbunny…Maybe she heard of the new name for T1 that you came up with and decided it was inappropriate for the beautiful and famous. A few of us have been discussing this under the blog, “Huh?” somewhere else on the site.
We’ve agreed that it is seemingly irresponsible of her to put this out there when the public is already confused enough.
Did you read Bernard’s blog concerning CRAP? It may take off…

It was Karen’s page where we discussed this. BTW…Perez Hilton blasted her for this on his site!

Here’s an older story that also says she’s Type 2
Halle Berry: My battle with diabetes

Very odd. Especially the part about how great she does on mashed potatoes and pasta. I wish I had the kind of diabetes where if you eat enough mashed potato, you can stop taking insulin!

The whole thing really doesn’t sound like either Type 1 or Type 2. Misdiagnosis is what rises to my mind.

Halle Berry is just a silly little one.

You would think that she could afford to be informed about diabetes/seeing a doctor who knows something about it. Obviously she doesn’t know WHAT type of diabetes she has, so perhaps she should shut the hell up about it and find a new doctor. There are enough misconceptions out there as it is.

I bet she pronounces it “Di-uh-bee-tus” too.

Wilford, again!

Well, see what power diabetics have with blogs and forums? ABC News has picked up this story now! :slight_smile:

Berry’s Miracle Cure Probably Misdiagnosis, Say Docs
Halle Berry Says She Cured Herself of Type 1 Diabetes, but Doctors Say That’s Impossible

Ok, call me confused (but not as much as Halle Berry, harhar), but how do you say it? Brimley always annoyed me the way he said it, too, but do you guys say die-uh-bee-tease? That always annoyed me as much, lol. I guess I say it somewhere between the two extremes. Just curious…

According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, either is correct:

More power to the diabetes blogosphere!

Crazy, crazy… I am almost speechless…

Thanks, Jessica :slight_smile: I guess I say it more like the second way and hear it most often like the first way, but I agree that there’s something specifically about the way Wilfred Brimley says it that is so annoying, lol.

Hello all Im new to the forum and Im furious - I posted this on another site but just thought I’d put it up here and see what people thought:

Ok - Reasons why I am furious about this. When I was diagnosed with type 1 at 23 the first thing i did was go out and buy diabetes for dummies, this gave me a general understading about type 1 and type 2 and an over view of what had happened biologically to my body. I then went out and bought every medical text that I could afford so that I could truly learn about and understand my condition. I joined forums. I posted on message boards - I got, well, involved with my condition. Now miss Berry is a spokeswoman for many diabetes charities and what she has said here has shown that she has a complete lack of understanding about diabetes, to the point that even readng diabetes for DUMMIES would have informed her more. Now, if Iam was spokesperson for all these diabetes charities I’d want to make sure that I was damn hot on the subject but NO as normal just another stupid celebrity putting their face out to charity to LOOK like they have any sort of decency. If she had ANY concept of diabetes then she’d know that type 1 is incurable and have the grace to say that she may have been misdiagnosed but no not oscar winning Halle Berry the medical miracle who has cured her condition. What a dick. And her’s another thing as a type one I am allready sick to the back teeth with ignorami who are like - ooh my grans just been diagnosed with that, why are you eating a chocolate bar, is that too much sugar or too little sugar?. Guess now I can ad but Halle Berry cured hers with diet and exercise - yeah thanks Halle - DICKHEAD

I thought this post by Jenny was interesting:

If this is indeed the case with her, it would be good for her to have a public statement made about the confusion. I am sure she can afford the tests to verify if she is indeed MODY.

I’m with the rest of the gang on this one. She is “out there.”

And, being so much in the spotlight, doesn’t she already get enough publicity? Or, is she afraid her star is fading? Wouldn’t be the first celeb to try to grab a little more press.

I read the ABC news article and particularly liked this passage:

Berry is four months pregnant. Though not referring to Berry’s condition specifically, Kaufman said women with Type 1 need to be particularly careful about their insulin levels when pregnant.

“There is a heightened risk for many women while pregnant. The goal of pregnancy is to carefully manage insulin,” . Kaufman said.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t all diabetics supposed to be “particularly careful about their insulin levels”? I know I am. Whether I’m pregnant or not, I don’t care. Best to keep tight control on those little buggers so as not to upset the delicate balance.

Those are my 2 and a half cents.



Tight control for a pregnant lady is MUCH more intense than for anyone else. Normal pregnant fasting is around 70 and they diagnose you diabetic if you go over 160. So you have to stay well under that 160.

And when you are pregnant, you get more insulin resistant and have a zillion other metabolic things going on like, say, throwing up every day as I did.

I have vast admiration for anyone with Type 1 who manages a pregnancy!