Cure for type 1 with diet alone?

I was on Youtube looking at videos about insulin pumps when I came across this video that is an interview of Halle Berry explaining her diabetes. I went to read the comments and was suprised to see several saying they have cured type 1 or their children with type 1 have been off insulin from diet alone!! Part of me is thinking is this really possible?!?! Biologically once you have a bad immune system to me it seems irriversible (right now anyway). Some of the comments make me worried that these people may be making themselves sick and not knowing it!! What do you guys think?!?!?!?!!!

Here’s the link:

I’m usually tolerant and understanding when people don’t have their 'betes facts straight, but she’s an idiot, and clearly has no clue what she’s talking about. “I now put myself in the type 2 category”? Seriously?? As for the comments, I only skimmed through a few on the first page, but didn’t want to annoy myself more by reading any further. You’ll exhaust yourself trying to save the world from themselves if they’re not open to understanding the difference between reality and fiction.

Halle Berry realised that she is type 2 and is managing her diabetes with diet.Type2 can present in DKA .Years back in Japan many teenagers presented in DKA,started on insulin,but in a year came off it.They attributed it to high consumption of famous soft drink at the time.

Halle Berry has done a lot of damage to awareness about diabetes.

She used phrases like “ween herself off insulin”. And talked about transforming herself from type 1 to type 2, as if those of us who are STILL dependent on insulin are weaker.

I completely agree with Lee Ann on this one. It makes me too frustrated to really deal with this. More than anything, I feel sorry for Halle Berry because she has not clue about her life with diabetes. And it’s unfortunate that she has enough voice to misinform the people about diabetes (as if there were not already enough misconceptions!)

Keep taking your insulin!! :slight_smile: I will too!

May I suggest any one to write to her and ask her to correct the information in public& then she has to join in advocating for diabetes in a good informed way.
Poeple will change in the right direction if corrected in an encoraging way.

There was a huge reaction to it, but I never heard her correct her statement. She really believes that she was such a good type 1 diabetic that she turned herself into a type 2 and weened herself off insulin. I wish she would make a public statement correcting it.

Maybe someone can organize a campaign asking for this… but individual emails were not enough…

So regretably she is not well informed person and not humble to correct herself.

This whole situation makes me sad, because I worry that those who take her statements might try to go with out insulin! Or the parents that commented saying their children have gone with out insulin for so long! Especially with the children it frustrates me. I’ve heard a story of a family that decided their daughter would not take insulin because they believed God would cure her. That she died because of this. I don’t remember where I’ve heard this story so I can’t say if it’s valid or not, but it makes me sad someone would not try to take care of themselves. I know that story gets into religious beliefs, but in the Halle Berry case she is not a health profession, and I wish people would see that her story is NOT trust worthy!!

I’m glad you guys posted this. Since I’ve been considering insulin everyone I talk to has this odd misconception that insulin is for people who are too weak to ‘cure’ their diabetes through diet and exercise.

It’s totally valid.

Thank you for posting this!! I think I just heard about the story through a friend. I didn’t know much about it. It’s so crazy that they would not try to seek medical treatment! I’m christian, but there is no way I believe God wouldn’t want me to take care of myself!!! I’m suprised that family or friends didn’t call an ambulance a lot sooner!

whoa thats insane

jess the story came from my state wisconsin and the parents are on trial for murder and they took their other children away.

I know that some parents will go behind my back stopping insulin,so their kids won"t get used to it!! So with my first counselling I point that if they stop insulin they will kill their kids.Some went to traditional healers given herbs,stopped insulin for a day or two,but when Bg started rising they came back running to me admitting their faults!!! So it does happen,but fortunately they keep checking BG ( which can normalise on some herbs for a while,and check urine for ketones( normoglycemic DKA ).

The one-word answer is “no”. I agree with how you feel Jess. I know it hard sometimes for parents to accept that their child is chronically ill.

I am deeply sorry this poor child died. I cannot begin to imagine how she must have suffered I am very grateful that the other chuildren are now somewhere that hopefully they will be safe. But how horrible for them too, to have to be separated from family so that they can live. If only we were able to stop misinformation coming from very damaging personal opinions from people who don’t know what they are talking about…

Though I like Halle Berry as an actress I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about. If it was as easy as diet alone I don’t think there would be a need for a websight like this!!! :slight_smile:

I found this video of Miss Berry several weeks ago and I was really dumb-founded and frustrated at how she thinks she knows diabetes when she is clearly doesn’t have a clue about it.

She really did a disservice to the public about diabetes and I just hope that people won’t get sick because of her comments. You cannot consider yourself type 1 or type 2, either you are or you’re not.

That being said, although there is no cure for type 1 diabetes, I heard about monogenic diabetes which is sometimes mistaken for type 1 or type 2 diabetes. To read more about it, here is a website on that type of diabetes

I met a teen 2-3 years ago that was working at a health food store. He told me that he was off of his insulin for 6 months by eating no refined sugar at all, just organic food. He told me that he was checking his bg regularly anyway. He also said that the hospitals don’t want us to know that the cells regenerate themselves if we let them (that old conspiracy theory between hospitals and drug companies).

I was quite surprised that he seemed convinced of that. Now knowing about monogenic diabetes, I am wondering if he was affected by that type of diabetes instead of type 1 or was he simply a really good actor? I don’t know.

Actually there is no cure for type 1 diabetes at this time… You can’t go “off” from insulin… She probably has some sort of sub-type of diabetes, for example she could have LADA or some other type not so common…

As for that child, we had in Europe one similar case. Some months ago in Italy, parents took 16 yo girl to Homeopathic doctor and she “prescribed” vitamins and no insulin and girl died some while after. She was brought to hospital, but too late…

Problem is that people don’t take time to educate themselves…


It’s possible that the children of the people who think they have “cured” their Type 1 children are actually in the honeymoon period.