I was watching Inside the Actor's Studio w/ Halle Berry the other day. I should probably say up front that the woman has irked me for quite some time and for no apparent reason. That being divulged, I was really confused by the segment on her diabetes. Here's how it went (paraphrasing):

James Lipton: And what kind [of diabetes] do you have?

Halle Berry: Well, it's classified as Type 1, but since I control it now with only diet and exercise, I like to say I'm Type 2.

HUH???? WHA??? Did I miss something in my diabetes education classes? Has there been new reasearch conducted of which I am entirely unaware? Cause as far as I knew, Type 1 diabetics are insulin dependent. Would that we could all control our Type 1 diabetes with diet and exercise! Or am I just lazy and unwillful? That must be it. And she "likes" to say she's Type 2 (as that part is verbatim)??? What in the heck is that about!?! Like that's better than Type 1?

But seriously, if I'm in error here, I'd LOVE for someone to correct me. Until then, I am upset that she is giving false information to people who already have a slim understanding of what this disease is. Booooo Halle Berry!

As a Type 2, it sounds like Halle is a Type 2 if she is controlling her diabetes through diet and exercise. I have never heard of a Type 1 being able to control thier diabetes through just diet and exercise.

Clearly she has no clue about the nature of her condition. I saw this segment. A few moments earlier in the interview she in fact bragged to James Lipton about how knowledgable she’d become about diabetes. She has done a diservice to the diabetic community by spreading ignorance. I don’t know if she’s making a claim for sympathy by faking Type 1, or if she is genuinely so confused as to not know even the basics of her condition, but either way, it doen’t speak well for her character.

Funny, I’ve always thought there was something off about her claim to having diabetes…couldn’t my finger on it, but always got the sense that she didn’t have diabetes at all…type 1 OR type 2!!!
It’s just a feeling!