Halloween is over so let's be honest - anyone else give in to temptation?

I’ll fess up and admit to having a Kit Kat.

I held out till the very end - then just didn’t have the will power to resist. next year we’re giving out toys instead of candy :slight_smile:

I had a few candies. I only made it to 189. comming back down

I am clear I did not cheat …I had a lo and treated myself …tell later with what( not an official good choice , but I promise to check soon again ) … The first time ever : we put a notice on our door : CLOSED FOR HALLOWEEN …Be Safe …and in YOUR HONOUR WE DONATED TO THE LOCAL SALVATION ARMY FOOD BANK . Saved us from shopping for fruit leather, and raisin packages…did I save a bundle and be NOT liked by our neighbourhood kids ?..who knows !
I still think we did right .
We went to a local pub ( first time there ) …I had my favourite chicken quesedia ( sp ??) and ceasar salad; received 2 treats ( which I devoured , after I poked at home ) ; Gordon had a similar good choice with some treats for Penny ; went for our eve. walk with our Senior Rottie …all in all you are correct : IT IS OVER …till 2010

I will admit that this is the FIRST Halloween in 10 years that I haven’t had anything. We didn’t buy anything, when candy or sweets were passed out at class today, I avoided them like the plague. It just wasn’t worth it to me this year.

I don’t consider it a cheat…it is a carb–well 20g for me…2 untis of insulin did the trick…and yes it was worth it–peanut butter cups…mmmm mmm good :slight_smile:

A glass of zombie and half a Snicker bar… My self discipline, I think, is getting better as I get older =)

…other wise I’m a serial cheater :expressionless:

It’s not cheating, its called living. That’s what insulin is for. (For those of us lucky enough to be on it)

i debated all day as to whether or not to give out candy this year. I decided to go for it and have my daughter sit outside and hand it out that way it was out of site and out of mind. I hadn’t had a candy bar in quite a while so I did grab the one before she went out. Luckily we don’t have any left so I don’t have to worry about it.

I usually don’t consider it a cheat as well but since I am also on a diet to lose this extra weight it seemed like cheating right now. It wasn’t too bad though I still hit my target calorie deficit and only went up to 145 2 hrs after eating the candy bar and dinner. By 4 hrs I was back around 88. Since we had a little bit of pasta with dinner, on top of the candy (I ate it right before we ate dinner) I was worried I would go high.

I have a bunch of 12 gram Snickers bars left. So I put two in the freezer. after cutting them in half. My treat is yet to come!
Why was I at 258 this morning? I think I absorbed them.

I had 3 mini-mini tiny Reeses PB Cups…before bed last night! YUM

it’s halloween, of course i ate candy & without bolusing!
when i woke up todayy at 54 i ate more candy and after i treated the loww i ate even more candy

We gave out little bags of Goldfish and pretzels. My husband has no sweet tooth, so he wouldn’t have been any help with leftover candy. He will happily eat the leftover starchy snacks, and I can easily resist those.
I did kind of overdo it on the roasted pumpkin seeds, though!

I agree that the word “cheat” is not helpful, under any terms.
I was giving out candy at my sister’s house while she took her little girl out. I had a Tootsie Roll and nearly broke my tooth on it - it was like cement. When they got back I told her and she said, "well, I’m not surprised - that bag was from last year…"
I told her her house would be labeled as the “bad candy place”.

I was in Seattle the whole weekend and yeah I did.

  • Beer
  • Mimosa
  • Fruits
  • Yogurt Parfaits
  • French Toast
  • Donuts
  • Sushi
  • Latte’s
    and a lot more…

I had a mini snickers, a mini Kit-Kat, and a peanut butter cup. Stole from my kids. I enjoyed every bit of them!

Oh, who am I kidding? I ate about three times that throughout the day. Kids went trick or treating at the local business’ on Friday, so I raided some of the good stuff Friday night. Had a few pieces of good stuff that night. Then raided again on Saturday and throughout the three hour trick or treat walk.

I treated all my lows last week with some candy corn that an American friend brought me. It was great.

Otherwise, they don’t celebrate Halloween where I live. So no more candy than usual :wink:

what is wrong w/ these kids - I left a bowl of candy when I took my little ones out and return later and 90% of it is still there. I tried to be good but reese pb cups are awesome!