Since I’m of the opinion that tons of candy isn’t good for anyone, diabetic or not, I decided to follow through with my convictions this year. I bought sugar free gum packs at Costco, bags of peanuts, and sticker sheets stapled to Teddy Graham’s for the little ones too young for peanuts and gum.

It cost a lot more than buying bags of candy at Target or Costco, but I think the kids will like the gum packs.

The bad part of this is that I won’t be able to spend Halloween evening eating mini-candy bars between rings of the doorbell.

What do all of you serve for Halloween?

That sounds like a good idea Lathump!

I bought a big bag of mini-candy bars. I only had 8 trick or treaters this year so I am not buying the big bags anymore. I sent most of it home with my sister (minus the 8 for the trick or treaters and 4 that I had!). I also made witches hat cookies for my nephew. My sister asked me not to make those again because he wolfed those down when she wasn't looking. They were Hershey kisses stuck on Keebler fudge striped cookies with orange icing.

We're giving mostly Smarties out this year - with the planned added benefit that the leftovers go into my medical supplies. (I use the smarties instead of glucose tabs for lows.) Hooray for dual-use Halloween treats!

I don't keep candy in my house, but that's ok, few kids would make it up my road, and I'll be out from 6 to 9 anyway. At the time trick or treaters decreased so strongly it made me sad, now it's just as well for me. I guess if I had trick or treaters I would go for some kind of non candy items like little toys. I once handed out something that wasn't the usual candy and I got dirty looks and found it thrown on the ground.

Ohhh I sound like the grinch! But I am giving my students 10 point extra credits for coming to class in costume on Wednesday!

For a number of years we chose ind packaged of peanuts/ SunRype fruit to go bars , then the concern about nut allergy and changed to ind packages of raisins and Fruit to Go bars ..a neighbour noticed us buying today and said : " the kids love coming to your house , because you serve dog treats as well " . Glad she reminded us ( we don't have a dog presently , but our stock on hand will suffice :) .Will have to put senior black cats ( 2 ) behind closed door ...one of them loves to check out the cool outdoors :)

I never know how many trick-or-treaters we’ll get. Probably about 60. Last year I decided to buy less candy because we usually have extra. We actually ran out and the last visitors weren’t too happy about getting peanut butter cracker packs.

This year I think I bought too much, but I can always return unopened gum boxes to Costco. I’ll eat the leftover peanuts and my grandkids will love stickers and Teddy Graham’s.

I hate coconut, so for me getting a bag of Mounds or Almond Joy is legitmate candy (at a relatively low cost) for trick-or-treaters, but there is absolutely no temptation for me on my part.

Mint Chocolate (like andes mints) and Twizzlers work the same for me... admittedly I usually also get some candy I like, but that's because I have little willpower when there's an excuse for treats!

My kids are grown and gone to college. This year i’m not even going to put out a pumpkin. Sounds like no fun, i know, but it saves me the cost of buying something thats not good for any of us.

2x giant bags of candy from costco