Numb fingertips

hello! i was diagnosed type 1 in nov 2011. in the last couple of weeks ive noticed a couple of fingertips, all on one hand, are sometimes kind of numb, not completely, but ppartially. my hands will often get numb if i keep them in one position, like holding up a book in front of me reading. of course i immediately blame the beetus. my a1c is good (6.3), i eat right, exercise, etc.
i see my endo in june and will mention it, but this cant be any kind of nerve damage already. right? right? i know im very paranoid, this disease makes me obsess over EVERYTHING, i hate it!!

It COULD be... -wg- but paranoia you mentioned is far more likely. Don't let diabetes start every sentence, every breath. Sometimes a cold is JUST a cold, numbness, simply a nerve shifting around, a bone pressing. Sounds the latter rather than the former. Given your description... can't imagine it's the dragon waking on you... no way

thanks stuart. going to try to put it out of my mind and if its still here in june then when i see the endo in june ill mention it. its just strange, my arm/hand doesnt even have to be raised and the palm of my hand and middle finger are tingling. pretty much half the day. weird.

I have suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) for years. Numbness in the fingers is a symptom, usually in the index, middle finger and thumb first, but it can affect all your fingers. This sort of numbness can also be caused by compression of your Ulnar never at the elbow or even from a nerve compression at the shoulder. More typically, these compressions lead to a broader effect.

If the numbness goes away when you shift position, then it may not be a concern, but CTS becomes bad when your wrist flexes away from straight. For years I used physical therapy to help, but I ended up having to get surgery. It could simply be that you position is compressing a nerve and it is actually nothing.