Handshake,cuddle,smile,and an old overcoat

Reading some of your blogs makes me feel grateful for what I have, forgetting heart failure diabetes prostrate aside I have a loving caring family to surround me some times they drive me crazy and no one prepares you for five children and 4 grandchildren with a little baby boy on the way,these are Gods gifts to me,so on the way I get ill,sick,desperate and yes even suicidal,these are not things sent to me by God,reading some blogs from members young and old it really puts in to context what this vile condition,disease what ever you want to call it does to a person and to a persons soul,coping with it on your own is unimaginable for me,without a home like Diabetes to turn to and give and seek advice we would all be a little less worse off.

As you know I have my Angel who looks after me,she has looked after me for 46 years through courting engagement marriage giving birth and seeing me fall apart at times she has always stood by my side like a rock standing in the way of the tide,as you get older well in my case anyway my dreams ambitions wishes and hopes have got fever and fewer the blessing of waking up each morning to sunshine hall rain snow or sleet is something I thank God for every day,scoff if you like,it is not fashionable for some to believe these days,science has all the answers if you think like that good for you at least you have belief in something,there may be a lot of spelling mistakes here my spell check has gone on strike.

If you are coping alone I wish I could be there to give you a hand shake or just a cuddle for who ever you are you are never alone,my Angel sleeps so does my cat smudge,I have a cough so have got up not to wake either of them, outside the weather does it’s worst but here inside I have the love warmth and overcoat of a loving family,I am warm as toast so through the airways I am sending you all a bit of my Sunshine.