To love and to behold, for I'm not this disease

In the past few months not having a computer to reach out to you’ll has been sorrowfull for me but other occupations have been having me busy to this day. Having diabetes can really have a person thinking and being greatful at the same time. I’ve been real busy lately so its been keeping my mind off of diabetes lately. But at some point when you start to reminding yourself to take it easy because of this disease when you want to do more. Right now, I like to hold the grandchildren an extra longer and hug them like there was no tomorrow. I like to go and donate bottled water and food to the evacuees and in return a week later one of them sees me at the store and hugs me telling me he remembers me for what i did. I keep post of my friend in Bryan because his family who live close by are without electricity because of the Hurricane Ike. He tells me they are alright and it puts a smile on my face and it hugs my heart than at the same time I can’t go to them because they, the evacuees need me in Austin.
There are ways to get around this disease, to go and make yourself fulfilled that this disease can’t do. Hold someone dear to you and let them know it’s okay cause it’s about them too. Be a friend when your friend’s heart is in sorrow, be the one to give them strenght. Listen when they’re hurting, be the one to mend the hurt. Behold yourself to the music in your fingertips let it play to your soul. All these I’ve been doing still i feel like there is more to do and the more to behold for that is who I am, not this disease.

Thank you for this post. I was feeling a little blue when I read thid, but now I realize that sometimes depression is simply selfishnesss. Life isn’t about I, me, mine. It is a bout careing for others in their distress and joys…You are a beautiful spirit, Patti
peace and good health

Dear Danny, thanks for reading my post but as soon as i can get a computer again - you’ll be reading alot of my stuff i have this urgent need to write out alot about life, diabetes, hope, god, struggles, and helping people the most. it gives me an uplifting feeling in me when i do for others especially for children cause my brother and i know from first hand whats it like and we have put god in our lives first now no matter the struggle. whenever you need to vent out you can send me a message and i’ll try to respond as soon as i can because i have no computer or internet right now as to keep the bills going in the house and the food cost because of my grandson who has kidney failure has certain foods he can only eat. but it’s all worth it because once we’re with god in the new world - paradise we won’t be suffering no more and the wait for that is worth it. God bless you too, and keep the peace within you cause you have a friend here. your friend, patti lopez.