Hanuman Medical Foundation: a new group seeking to solve diabetes

I recently learned about a new foundation focused on finding a cure for diabetes. This is part of a communication I received from them that I want to share with you all, since every potential way to find a cure is worth pursuing and supporting.

Hello Manny,
It was a pleasure to speak with you today on the phone. Here are the links for the research project:
The foundation that is supporting the research:
The site for newly diagnosed:

Here at the Foundation we realize that there is a lot of research going on in this field. Yet, we feel that we have identified a path that will get us to a viable cure within 4 years. The Islet Sheet technology is a very promising approach and we want people to know about this research. It is our opinion that if we want to cure diabetes we need to consider all strategies.

I feel that the time is right to push the news of our research to the forefront of the diabetic community. Right now the Foundation has one project, one task: Solving diabetes. The power is in our hands. Let’s make it happen.

All the best,

Paul Del Bene
Hanuman Medical Foundation

While solving diabetes is very important,managing diabetes is the most important issue world wide.Discovering new cases,reverting prediabetes if we can,living with diabetes on daily basis,preventing complications and how to provide for that costly disease.Diabetes is a monster we all have to deal with all the time.

Amen, amiga!

Reading further I find some disturbing issues. The nonprofit appears to be fronting for a for-profit device company.

The company is talking about charging $100,000 for the sheets of cells which will have to be replaced every 18 months.

This will be extremely profitable for investors, and out of reach for everyone except those with premier insurance plans.

That is what it READS LIKE , to me as well… Not exactly a cure for the masses in its current state.

God Bless

I pray that they are looking for a cure. However, there is too much money involved in the treatments of Diabeties for any drug company to find the cure. Everything is done for the greed of corporate profits. Its about money, not compassion of their follow mankind.
I know that is a negative view, but in my opinion it is sad but true.

I wanted to point out that the article that you are referring to is the estimated cost for LCT in NZ and not the Islet Sheet technology that is supported by Hanuman Medical Foundation. LCT is a for profit company and we are not associated with them. You can read further in the discussion about what the costs may be for a technology of that kind and the cost of current Islet transplant procedures and the required drugs. http://www.solvingdiabetes.org/2009/07/09/is-a-price-of-100000-cost-effective/
You can also look at our mission statement on this page:

I agree that these factors have hampered the research for a cure. That is also why Hanuman Medical Foundation was founded. It was in response to the flawed system that is in place that does not support research in areas that are not considered profitable. Hanuman Medical Foundation is focused on therapeutic concepts that would greatly benefit those suffering from diseases yet would not provide a sizable return to investors and would not greatly expand scientific knowledge. I believe that to find a cure for diabetes all avenues of thought must be explored. That is why we have chosen a research project that we feel has promise, yet has been overlooked by others.