Lack of a true cure

Just put a wrap on 61 years of T-1 and MDIs. It’s been a long wait for a true cure since the days of diluted urine in a test tube and color matching.
If all the money spent on “bandaids” had been spent on T-1 cure research, maybe we’d have a cure. I’m now an octogenarian and time is running out for me.
My “bandaids” list includes CGMs, smart pens, pumps, short and long onset insulins, and mislabeled closed loop systems. They all generate corporate profits, but no true cure.


So very true! I have been saying this for years. Also an octogenarian so I remember what has happened over the years. Last true cure were the two polio vaccines given away for free by their creators. Today, the “improvements” you list are fantastic moneymakers for corporations with tweaks released periodically to create the impression of advances when all that happens is that more money is earned by the corporate entities.


So it looks like we are all lucky that these profit generating corporations exist as it allows us to extend our longetivity, until a cure is found by the scientific/corporate community. I would hate to lose my CGM, smart pen, new insulins etc. until an effective cure is found for all.


I am sure that were there a real cure found, it would be deep-sixed by the corporate world. The only reason I avail myself of pump & CGM is because they are bought for me by Medicare and then my insulin if free also. Yes, money does make the world go 'round. This free insulin is something that was negotiated with the FDA by the first pump manufacturers as a come-on to diabetics. Frankly, it is greatly unfair to the non-pumpers who also stay alive with the use of insulin through injections. Compare the amount of money being spent by corporations on the development and promotion of DM gadgets to money available for research of real cures.

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I am on MDI and on Medicare so my monthly cost for insulin is nominally capped at $35 per month, however, with overprescribing required so that I never run out, including when I travel internationally, my true cost drops in the $20+ per month range. That is a real bargain compared to my monthly utility bills, gas for the car, insurance, food bill, or even the odd meal out. No, pump for me as it would create more problems than it would solve.

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I have posed this question to both my parents, world renowned carbohydrate research scientists, and to my endocrinologist and their responses have always been, if there ever is a cure, we are not out of business, we just go work on other scientific projects. I have looked for evidence of diabetic related patents being quashed by corporations and have not seen any. Diabetes is a growing worldwide scourge and scientists and corporations all over the world are chasing solutions.

Do you have any evidence to backup your claim? I am always willing to learn something new, especially in this field.


I’m perplexed by this conspiratorial thinking. There’s a lot to be said about it. Without attempting a thorough critique, I have one question: why wasn’t streaming video deep sixed?
Big corporations were making money in a bunch of ways. Electronics companies were selling expensive hardware to play DVDs and then Blu-Ray disks. These setups broke down or had to be replaced regularly with better technology. Monopolistic cable companies ruled home entertainment — movies, TV, news. Networks (with a few cable subscription services) had a lock on TV and movie studios on movies. Blockbuster was in every town in America. Netflix was making money sending disks through the mail.
Couldn’t they have just deep sixed streaming over cable internet connections? The cost to their corporate consciences seems far far lower than the vast conspiracy to keep diabetes going that you think is happening?
Has the evil “corporate world” managed to expunge itself of all people with diabetes and all people who have family members with diabetes? No whistle blowers? Anyway, I digress…


Please name any diseases that have been cured in the last 60 years since the development of antibiotics, antibiotics that are now increasingly losing effectiveness due to overuse.

A lot of things have gotten a lot better in my lifetime, including diabetes. A couple other examples that come to mind are:
Childhood leukemia. 10% survival to 90% survival
HIV fatal to chronic.
Not sure why your question is relevant, though. Does the absence of cold fusion prove that energy companies have suppressed it or that it’s a hard problem?
You haven’t responded in any way to my point. You’ve just shifted to something else that feeds your conspiratorial thinking (supposed absence of cures.)


And how is this relevant?

Are the cures you mention real and lasting cures or are they just prolonging life with lifelong medications and the 5-year survival measure? What I was saying is that the billion dollar industries based on diabetes gadgets (typical of capitalism… and I have nothing against capitalism) would be self-destructive to promote a real cure instead of offering improving methods of control of chronic conditions. Is this a conspiracy theory? That seems to be a perennial accusation today about just about anything that some don’t agree with. Whatever… I still agree with the original poster and don’t wish to debate.

Many of the people who pursue medical research are gifted people with idealistic motives.
It’s hard to imagine not calling the belief that a group of people are purposely hindering cures a conspiracy theory.

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Corporate interests may be strongly motivated to stop change, but they can’t.

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Over the decades I have had a number of infections that were cured by antibiotics. Infections that in pre-antibiotic days were often fatal. I was a microbiologist and have a good knowledge of what life was like pre-antibiotic. Scarlet Fever, Pneumonias, Strep throat, Shigellosis, Salmonellosis were all highly lethal and now much less so due to antibiotics.

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It is hard to cure an auto-immune disease. We are good at suppressing the entire immune system, not so good with being selective. Check out Dr. Faustman at MGB: some promising results in reversing (curing?) T1D.


The film and tv industry shifted from one profit stream to another.

A cure for diabetes would eliminate (or drastically reduce) all profit streams except for the cure.

Take a look at Diane Faustman’s research for a t1d cure with the BCG vaccine.

It’s a safe and cheap generic vaccine that’s been around for 70 years or so. The ADA and JDRF refuse to support her. There was some drama a few years ago when her research was published and the ADA was forced to address her research in a non-committal way.

I once asked an ada rep at a virtual TCOYD conference about Faustman’s research and somehow they answered everyone’s questions except mine. “We’re out of time”

ADA and JDRF are both funded by tons of diabetes support companies and it’s simply not in their corporate interest to do anything to ruffle the feathers of the donors.

When placed in a position where an advance in diabetes runs counter to their sponsors’ interests, they do everything they can to save face and not lose the money stream.

Faustman is a stubborn thorn in their side. BCG is her life’s research so I can see her fighting against any buyouts which would kill the project.

Hopefully her research will continue to bear out results.

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Except when they can.

JDRF was founded by (wealthy) parents of children with diabetes. They want a cure. You may not always agree with their priorities or decisions, but they are not an industry group.


Antibiotics treat bacterial infections and illnesses, but not do not cure any diseases.

That some diseases haven’t been cured – cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes of any type – may simply reflect the fact that cures elude the scientific and medical knowledge we currently have. To suggest that any cure would be deep-sixed does a huge disservice to the untold numbers of scientists and physicians around the world who devote their careers to searching for cures.

There are breakthroughs every year. Gene editing is extremely promising as a cure for cystic fibrosis. Cures may not happen in our lifetime, but that doesn’t mean they never will.


Many types of cancer have been cured. I’m a survivor myself. A type of cancer that was a death sentence just 10 years before I got it.
Also hepatitis c was cured recently.
There is a cure for type 1 diabetes too if you care to take it.
You can get a transplant. Or get the islet cell that are lab grown infused. Of course you will need to take immunosuppressants but technically they call that a cure.

Really there are hundreds if not thousands of diseases that have been cured in your lifetime.