Please Help Compel a Possible Cure

Please take a moment to send an E-mail to ask Dr. Jochen Maas , Director of Diabetes Research and Development at Sanofi-aventis, to continue developing the human islet peptide (“HIP”) . His email is HIP could potentially result in regeneration of islets – that means it could end our need to inject insulin.

CureDM figured out that it could change progenerator cells into the islet cells that produce insulin – HIP makes this possible… Initial human trials have shown that HIP HIP can result in a 27% rise in insulin production within 2 month period! This is the real deal, folks!!

In order to take HIP to the next step –full human trials – and ultimately to production and distribution, CureDM sold its rights to HIP in 2010 to Sanofi aventis. So now it is up to Sanofi-aventis to move this forward. Unfortunately, it seems that Sanofi-aventis does not have this as its top priority. However, if Sanofi-aventis knows that there are potential consumers of this therapy eager for its development, it would likely be compelled to move further faster. There is an urgency – the longer Sanofi-aventis sits on HIP, the greater the likelihood development will halt all together.

Strong voices can compel the advancement of HIP. Please take the time to help advance this therapy by sending an E-mail to Dr. Maas ( It could mean a cure and, at the very least, it would likely vastly improve the way we manage our diabetes.

A lot of people are asking to learn more about HIP. I’ve attached a few links where you can find out more:

I also have two articles on the studies regarding HIP. If you would like copies, let me know.

Most importantly – we need to get Sanofi-aventis to move forward on this important development ASAP. We are a force of 20,000+ members – I know with enough E-mails, we can persuade movement on this. Thanks to all of you who choose to help!
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The sad part is Sanofi-aventis owns the rights and sells Lantus and a few other diabetes medications! This would kill the sales of insulin and hurt its bottom line if a cure or a long term treatment came to market. I know I sound cynical, but pharm companies only want profitible treatments - Profitible for them that is!

Of course that is why Sanofi-aventis is exhibiting ambivalence. I get that. That’s precisely why we need to do this. If we can show a market for the peptide therapy they may rethink this. The sad thing is that there is nothing out there yet to prevent the onset of diabetes – so as long as people continue to get it, the world will continue to need the therapy. We need to convince the company that there is a market for it. If we say we’d buy it, use it, and pay for it – there is a chance we can motivate them. The fact is that islet regeneration is possible – and some pharmaceutical at some point is going to capitalize on that. I am not inclined to wait for the first one to figure this out. I want it as soon as possible. Taking a moment to send an E-mail may just do something. Long shot or not - it’s a chance. And I think our chances are greater with volume. One thing for sure - not sending the E-mail is not helping anyone.

I’ve been told for years that there would be a cure and ,if we’re this close, I will do whatever I can to help out. I’ve been diabetic for 49 years and I’d like to think there’s something out there to help us overcome this disease. Please, everyone, send an email to help in this endeavor! I can’t imagine what life without diabetes would be like.

Donna I have my e-mail all ready to go. I’d like to cc: as many people on it as possible!!!

Thank you so much Patrice!!! I am so glad to have your help on this.

Thanks Rosie! I think they will listen if our voice is loud enough and a lot us together can be mighty loud.

I suck at writing letters like this…can someone give me a “form” type one that I can tweak and send? Thanks bunches!

I definitely will write one for you to use. Thanks!

Here is a copy of my letter…Anyone can edit it to fit them. I am e-mailing it to the above address
"Christopher Viehbacher"

Dear Dr. Maas, Diabetes Research and Development at Sanofi and
Mr Christopher Vienbacher CEO:

I am a vigilant mother of a 10 year old boy with diabetes since age 2.
The struggles he faces to get through the day are heart breaking.
The tools (i.e. pumps, cgms, insulin…) we have thus far to manage his diabetes are just band aides.
I believe, as many others do in the diabetes community, that HIP is our answer.

Human Islet Peptide is part of the Reg3a gene that makes new islets
from pancreatic progenitor cells. This is known in the type 1
diabetes community. Sanofi-Aventis is being unfair to millions of people with diabetes,
whom they have committed to be an innovative leader in the field.
For the company to give up its islet neogenisis program with a human peptide, before it starts is unjust.

Please move this project forward. Sanofi-Aventis giving up on this
before human trials will set back diabetes for decades.


Patrice Cocco

Jeska, look below I posted a copy of my letter along with the e-mail addresses. Just adjust my letter to fit you!!!

Please don’t be silent

Thank you!!!

Got it…thank you Donna!

This link is to the Sanofi-aventis about HIP:

Donna,you are a dear and I think you know me well enough to do it right off. Everyone here should do. Reed

Thank you Patrice! I am going to post the email address and my letter to friends on Facebook. Hopefully we can get non-diabetics, family & friends to help in this measure.
Thank you Donna for starting this post!


Thanks Reed!!!

As Brock G noted, Sanofi Aventis (which recently dumped “Aventis” from it’s name) has the rights to Lantus, which by itself is expected to be a $6 billion/year drug prior to it’s patent expiring in just a few years. I think the bigger question is whether the original developer, CureDM, Inc., has rights to select a new partner if their existing partner(s) chooses not to commercialize for whatever reason. It is extremely rare and unlikely that a biotech startup does not have some rights to terminate and find a new partner in the event that their existing partners are not acting in good faith. I think it is more appropriate to reach out to the leadership of CureDM, Inc. to determine what rights that company has to the molecule prior to going through an exercise of mass e-mails. Due diligence will avoid making the community look foolish.

I agree with Scott. Why the hell would CureDM sell it’s rights to Sanofi Aventis when they know they sell Lantus?! Of course it’s not Sanofi’s top priority right now cause they are making billions and billions of dollars a year on Lantus. HIP will NEVER be their top priority!!