Happy Canada Day!

From a citizen of one former British Colony to all tu members of another British colony, Happy Canada Day!
What are you doing to celebrate your countries birthday? Please share with us your countries traditions for this day.

Hi Badmoon: :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!! I was in a lot of pain all day on Canada Day, so my Hubby and I didn’t get to do our normal celebtations. That’s okay. Thank goodness I decorated and made our meals the day before. The weather was Perfect! Soon after my Hubby helped me dress in my Canadian Gear and I popped some pills, etc., we had brekky and we chatted with Friends, Family and Neighbours before some of them headed to Parliament Hill to Welcome the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and enjoy the speeches, Terrific multicultural Performers onstage, the other entertainment and to celebrate the Birthday of our Wonderful Country. I’m sure that William and Kate’s 9 day tour through Canada will impress them an remain memorable for them always. They were honoured to give 25 New Canadians their First Welcome to Canada as New Citizens. We watched it all on our Big screen so it felt like we were there with them and the other 300,000(approx.) Canadians on the Hill and all down the surrounding streets.

Other traditions are the parades, fireworks, bbq’s, face-painting, arts and crafts, cannon salutes, wreath laying for the unknown soldiers, hot air balloons, wide range of foods, water Fun, and much more across Canada.

“300,000(approx.) Canadians on the Hill and all down the surrounding streets”.
Sorry, this of course also included the many Visitors from around the World.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge certainly are a handsome couple. Your traditions sound a lot like ours for the 4th of July. I read about one they used to do in Arkansas, where I live, in the frontier days. They would take a blacksmiths anvil and pack a large quantity of gunpowder under it. When they touched off the gunpowder the anvil would fly through the air. Wow talk about fireworks! I believe consumption of large quantities of alcohol was also part of the anvil shooting tradition. Somewhere along the way this tradition seems to have died out:)

I must say that is a unique tradition in regards to the anvil. I hadn’t heard of that one. But they used what they had at the time to celebrate. Yes, we share many of the same traditions.

I forgot, they also had the 21-gun salute here and the Snowbirds flew the fighter jets overhead in formation. The Duke was amused that the Duchess was alarmed at the noise when they flew over head. They are indeed a Handsome and Special Couple.