What are you doing for July 4th?

I will lay low most of the day. Probably eat with the family and watch the fireworks in Waterford Lakes (a nearby open mall)…

What are you guys planning? Do whatever you do, be safe and watch what you eat!! :slight_smile:


That is all.

Oh, and on Friday we’re going white-water rafting. Prayers are appreciated. :wink:

I plan a magnificent Bike Parade led by the Fire Dept and trailed by the Police that starts and ends at our neighborhood pool - we serve hot dogs and chips and have Free Swim at the pool. Houston forcast tomorrow - 80% Thunderstorms - so I may have a 100 or so hot dogs to get rid of.

yikes, I hope the rain holds off Mollie. :slight_smile:

My grandfather has a house right on the beach, so that’s where we’re headed. The whole extended family goes and we have a ball! There’s so many kids running around…my husband who comes from a small family calls us “the Kennedys” , and refers to the house as the “compund” LOL

I hope everyone has a fun, wonderful and safe holiday! Enjoy .

p.s. Kerri- prayers coming your way!

I dont know yet but it will involve fireworks!!

Going to the Naperville, IL Rib Fest with my niece that I am holding in this picture. She is now 2.5 and such fun and calls me Taren instead of Karen and is always asking “Where’s Bob?” (my husband). Of course he loves that.

Well…my mother (age 69) got a new pace maker today. Everything went well for this out patient procedure, but due to her age, health problems (including Type2), her doctor decided that she should stay in the hospital over night. We had planned to smoke a tenderloin and have some neighbors over, but it will all depend on mom and the doctor. I may pray for Kerri’s rafting trip, but I have to admit that I am awfully jealous.

Hope all goes well Travis, prayers sent.

Me, I’m planning on going into Boston and watching Old Ironsides do one of its harbor turnarounds and fire off its cannons with Fort Independence returning salute, then heading back home to our town’s parade.

(See my fireworks video in my profile if you are into the flag, fireworks, John Philip Sousa, all from Newport RI.)

Hi Rainbowgoddess:

Please dont be offended. I know zilch about Canada’s Holidays (or those of other countries). Feel free to educate me (us) as they occur. My wall calendar has Canadien Holidays, as well US holidays, and I live near along ways from Canada (Southern US). By the way, what is Canada Day (7/1)? What is Boxing Day (12/26)?

Hey, hey, well I’m working. Our company is only closed 4 days a year. The good thing is we’re getting paid triple…haha… nice incentive. Other than that, not sure. Its over 100 again, so I just want to stay in air conditioning. Hope everyone has a great day!

Friday? What about Thursday??? :slight_smile: