Happy Christmas

It’s been a tough year, no question… but there’s nothing better than watching your kids open up their presents Christmas morning. We did the full Santa shtick for Nate this year–put out cookies, milk, and carrots (for the reindeer), hung up our stockings, kept the presents in the closet until after the boys were asleep… about the only thing we didn’t do was run around the house with jingle bells in hand, which I thought about doing, but I couldn’t find the jingle bells. As is traditional, the boys could not open presents until after Daddy got done in the barn.

[I may not have mentioned this earlier, but I live on a horse farm. We breed old-style Morgan horses, of which we have 5 1/2 right now–a gelding, a stud colt, and three broodmares, one of whom is pregnant. We also have a quarter horse gelding who technically belongs to my sons, who are of course too young yet to ride him yet. if you want the details, see my horse web site, www.holymolymorgans.com. But that should suffice to explain why Daddy is in the barn.]

As I was saying… once Daddy returned from the barn, the wrapping paper flew. Books, videos, a ladybug toy and a firetruck for Eric, a radio-controlled sportscar for Nate. They enjoyed it immensely, and so did I, watching them. Pictures will follow.

Happy holidays, and a happy new year to everyone.