Nana Clause sellotape and presents

The post office may have millions of parcels to deliver before christmas and we only have 5 children there partners and 4 grandchildren but busy is our house right now Nana Claus is up to her neck in wrapping paper sellotape and name tags and I am busy cooking the turkey for later on today.

Something magical happens on christmas eve and I get energy that I never knew I had ,it could be the snow we have had which will make this a white christmas it could be the thought our grandchildren Jessica, Daniel, Emily and Jacob later today whatever it is I wish it could last the whole year long.

Nana claus is shouting for help she has lost the pair of scissirs she was using I have to bundle my way through reams of wrapping paper but finally fing the scissors I would help wrapping the presents but I am not multi skilled like granma, our daughter who lives in America just phoned from a bar similar to the one in cheers the tv series sounds as though she and husband Bob are having a nice time, it is still christmas eve there.

For granma and me the highlight will be having dinner with our son and his family this will be the first christmas for sheila and me that we have not had to spend hours preparing and cooking dinner.

To all the Slater clan wherever you are this chrismas lots of love lots of hugs and a few tears that we cannot be there with you in person HAPPY CHRISTMAS love Raymond xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx