Well it’s been a day now with a continuous glucose monitor in, I won’t know anything until Friday though. When I saw the lady who put it on me I asked her questions about Minimed since that seems to be her area of expertise, she kept pointing out how great Minimed is but I think her comments were a little biased though as she said she’s been with them since the beginning, at least she has a lot of stock in Minimed to stick with them that long. I mentioned that I had been checking out the Omnipod since I read they’re making their pods smaller and she replied very quickly that they’re going out of business… seriously? I thought they were doing well for being such a new company. I was just trying to get insight because my warranty will be up soon and I’m either going upgrade to the Ping or switch pumps if I’m persuaded enough. I have been thinking about switching to Minimed because their pumps hold more insulin and I go through a lot of insulin because my resistance is crazy. My Animas pump only holds 200 units (I’m changing sites every two days) where Minimed can hold up to 300 units. She told me that Minimed is also working on coming out with their own wireless pump and from what I understand Minimed has a nice upgrade program. I also like that they have a purple pump, lol. I don’t know how I feel about the cgm though, it makes me feel like I’ll be wasting space for my infusion sites but I guess if I allot certain areas for both it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I would like to think that it would be for better to use one in my case because I do tend to get lazy. Even if I don’t opt for the cgm I still like that I can get a pump that holds more insulin, that’s pretty much the biggest selling point for me.

Otherwise I like the Ping, I like that I can control the pump through the meter and I believe that would give me more incentive to check my bg levels and if I’m going to control it through the meter then I should be like “oh yeah I should check myself too” ya know. But then again with the cgm I can look at my pump and see how much it is and that would remind me to check myself to confirm it, the cgm may be off a little but at least I’ll know if I’m getting too low or high. I guess I got some thinking to do, my warranty isn’t up until November 2nd so I have time.

I guess I’m type 1, my new nurse practitioner marked me down as type 1, the lady who did my cgm said it’s understandable to see where they may have been indifferent about marking me as type 1 in the beginning since my diabetes was induced by steroids so they marked me as type 2.