Happy Days Are Here Again! :D (Volleyball Update)

Remember how I’ve been missing volleyball SOOO bad? well, my mom saw me play at my grandmas church and how much I loved it. She called Coach (I just call the vball coach Coach…lol his names Coach Rawlins) and he agreed that since Id be missing for D camp he’d cut me some slack. He’d decide whether I play or not based on summer practice. The first practice was last night, but I didnt get to go because dad had one car and my brother took the other swimming. Im deffinetly going tonight though. I have like 2 hours before I have to be there. I wonder what the other girls will say when they see me…Theyre not expecting me to come because since I thought there wasnt hope I didnt go to any of the vball meetings during school. I have no idea what theyll think or why I even care. I think Elizabeth and Leah (aka “the twins”) will be happy to see me. I dont know who else will be there…probly Michalah because she loves to play as much as I do. Other than that, theres no telling who’s gonna come…
Oh well, at least I get a fair shot!