Man I Miss Volleyball!

Ive been really missing volleyball lately. I went to practice and tryouts last summer, but (very sadly) I didnt make the team. It was so much fun while it lasted though! It was such a layed back thing. There wasnt really any drama or anything to deal with. The girls were really sweet too. I learned how to balance diabetes and a sport, which I’ve never done before. And now I miss it SO bad. Its like, when I was playing I completely forgot about diabetes and just go to be a kid for a while. Thats just so rare for me. In a way, I feel like I had to grow up fast because all the other 9 year olds around me didnt have to deal with finger prick, shots, bg logging, or any of the other stuff that comes with diabetes. To this day my parents wont let me just go spend the day with friends unless theres gonna be an adult there. It wasnt that way when my brother (now 17) was my age. My brother gets to go be a kid all the time. Him and his friends can sit around and eat candy or donuts but I know I shouldnt because my blood sugar would go crazy. But when I got to be on the volleyball court with other girls (I only stayed friends with 2) it was like I got to be a care free kid again. Not worrying about blood sugars or my pump or anything. None of that even crossed my mind when I was playing. It was like a place I belonged. The place I couldnt wait to get to every Tuesday and Thursday.
Anyway, the point of this whole thing is that I wont get the chance to play this year. I wont be here the last 3 weeks of summer. I’m spending 2 weeks with my best friend and a week at diabetes camp. Now every time I think about vball (which is everyday several times a day) it hurts so bad to know that I wont get the chance to play. I wont get the chance to be a kid for a while. I wont be able to go back to where I belong…
Ok now I just sound pathetic.

That’s hard to hear. I can understand your parents’ concern for your health, and that they are worried about diabetes emergencies where, even if your friends know how to handle those emergencies, an adult might be needed (911 calls, need to get quickly to a doctor or medical professional type things). Since you enjoy volleyball so much, do you think you can find a bunch of other kids and a place to set up a volleyball net and just play for fun? Maybe one of the neighborhood kids has a stay-at-home parent or grandparent who can keep an eye on you folk just in case of emergencies (to put your parents at ease)…

you can still play with your friends, or maybe look for another sport or club to join.

Have you checked to see if there is any open gym (volleyball) in your area? You’ll be surprise on the competition level at those open volleyball gyms. If you do fine one, others are always more welcome to inform you of other locations as well. I recall when I used to go from place to place Monday to Friday…how fun that was. Now it’s one gym or one league one day per week- su8ks!