Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks Manny. Yes, Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there. I still miss my mother and wish I could spoil her a bit tomorrow.

Love the great smile at the end, Manny!

I am always in awe of mothers all over the planet. With so many different cultures, languages and customs, kids still have to be housed, fed, bathed, clothed, educated, loved and a whole lot more. I think mothers are the unsung heros of the planet! Without us and our mothers and our daughters… well, the result is obvious.

To mothers everywhere, and to any women who have ever taken any babies, kids or teens into their homes (you count too), Happy Mothers Day!

To my delightful 22 year old daughter… while I might have got more sleep in the early days, and while I sometimes worry about you inheriting diabetes, I can’t imagine my life without you! Thanks for coming into my life and for hanging around.

Could these be captioned for those of us who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing? Please?

Lisa your Princess was beautiful. She will always be a part of you. Manny thank you.

Thank You Manny! Many very beautiful, kind and wonderful Mothers here on TuD. Wishing all the Mom’s a very special day, lots of love and good times to keep creating those priceless memories. I will be thinking of my Mother and wishing I had her back in my life. She was simply amazing. If I am half the woman she was I am honored.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this! You make this world go round.

Awww! I love this! Thank you, Manny!

What a sweet looking young lady…and she has my same birthday!! My teenage niece has cerebral palsy and oh what joy and love those that deal with this bring to our lives!!! Bet you miss her like crazy.

Happy Mother’s Day all. I would like to especially thank the moms of type1 kids here. An unexpected gift has been given to me here at TuDiabetes. Reading and sharing their experiences has healed some old wounds and baggage I’d been carrying around since my dx in 1967. I’ve been able to let go of a lot of painful memories, and forgive. I never expected this when I joined three years ago.

That’s so sweet, Manny, thank you! And I in turn wish all mothers out there in our community the same best wishes on this special day.

It’s been an adjustment for me to live with T1, I wasn’t “normal” for very long after the birth of my second child, and I had gestational diabetes during both of my pregnancies. I’ve been very open with my children about having this “difference,” my daughter especially likes to come and watch me test my blood and give myself injections. She’d probably help me do it if I’d permit her, the curious little odd one that she is, lol!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that when I became a mother of two rambunctious little kids, I’d also become diabetic. It’s a special challenge but I feel extremely lucky to have this community full of caring people that gives so much to one another, and I applaud you for creating TuD - I honestly don’t know what I would do without it!

A joyful Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms & children.

Captions are a great suggestion, Kathy.

Great idea!! Kathy.

My mother’s day was great. I went to church this morning then my oldest son took his wife, mother-in-law and me to a Mother Day Concert. It was awsome, but afterward I was so hungry. We went to Olive Garden. I was bad. I had something with alfredo sauce, chicken and broccoli. I only ate half, now my husband want the rest. I will give it to him. All in all a good day.

good day here too…I got to spend time with my mom and family… :slight_smile: mom’s rock !

Gracias Manny!! So many of us thought that we couldn’t have children because of our Diabetes (at least 40 years ago). Anyway, against all odds, here we are…we wre born in the right place at the right time.

Thank you so much for your hard work and Feliz Dia de Las Madres to all the mother’s out there.

Thank you Manny. :slight_smile: We had a Lovely time and all ended up at a Chinese Buffet(Mom’s favourite). Ouch! I didn’t eat too much and did pretty Good considering.

We went to a Chinese Buffet too Terrie. Did ok, considerig, too LOL It was good!