Happy New Year

I posted on my blog yesterday with a look back at last year. And what a busy year it’s been especially in terms of diabetes and several improvements on the diabetes front.

For me, TuDiabetes has to be one of the biggest steps forward for those of us with diabetes. Now we can easily meet others with diabetes and share what we’ve learned about dealing with this disease. Here I’ve found out many things I didn’t already know (after 35 years with diabetes) and I’ve also gotten lots of support from others.

I hope that 2008 is a wonderful year for all of us. I especially hope that we’ll see major improvements in CGM technology and also increasing insurance coverage for these devices. And of course I’m wishing and praying for some big progress towards a cure or better forms of treatment for all types of diabetes.

Bernard, I wish you much peace, joy, and fulfillment in 2008!


How are you? Did you post your life story on living with diabetes last year on this website? I believe you included photos of your family, your trip to Denmark?, and also your workplace? You also stated repeatedly, “There is no cure for diabetes”? I’d like to read that whole thing again if you’re the one who wrote it. Thank you.