My First Anniversary

Hi TuDiabetes Family,

I wanted to send a gigantic thanks for all of the responses and kind thoughts left after my first post. So much has happened over the last year, BUT the best of them all is that I now own my Diabetes. When Diagnosed in December 2010 my A1C was 15.4. By March 2010 it had dropped to 7.2 and 6.2 at my anniversary date in December. I've gone from not knowing what to finally sharing it with my family and being able to discuss it freely.

As I reflect back over the last year and my initial inability to discuss my diagnosis and denial, I realize that nothing has really changed in my life. Ok, so I have made insulin my best friend, but other than that and keeping up with my supplies I AM OK WITH BEING A TYPE 1 DIABETIC. Other than portions, what I eat and the way its cooked hasn't changed. Where I go and what I do there hasn't changed. How I dress and what I project hasn't changed. Other than the supplies I track and use monthly, I AM ME...

...and that hasn't and never will change. I own my Diabetes!

Thanks again TuDiabetes Family!!!

Yours most truly,



Good for you!

You truly own your Diabetes...Congrats!


what an awesome attitude.. you set a great examples for others, i've said thiis same thing to my son or others here when they are struggling, if there is nothing you can do to change a situation you need to accept it and move foward. you have done this much better than most, i am very impressed! amy

I'm sorry you had to join the club, but I'm very happy for you that you're doing well and learning to accept and treat your diabetes.

Way to go!!!!

Way to go!

CONGRATS,BROTHA!! You made it and nowntru;ly realize that YOU are still You, uniquely you.. who just happens to have type one diabetes!!

God bless,

"now truly"is what I meant. Typo time.

Great! And thanks for posting it here! It helps many of us stay positive to hear of successes like yours!

Best wishes,