The beginning of a New Year!

Well, this is the beginning of another year. Can you believe that it is 2008 already? However like every new year there comes the New Years Resolutions, mine this year will be short and sweet. First of all is to dedicate more time and resources with family and friends (make new friends as well) then there is the ones for Diabetes. I have to gain a better control of this disease before it consumes me. I need to exercise more and watch my carb intake better. I feel as if I have been paddling up stream with one paddle for the last year. It is very frustrating to count carbs, keep my blood sugar levels low and lose weight all at the same time. This year I am taking the “bull by the horns” so to speak. I guess you could say that I am going to be fanatical about diet and exercise from now on. All I can say is this year (2008) is my year!!

I’m the same Jeff, this year i want to try and take control of my diabetes and not let it take control of me as it has done especially in the past year.
I wish you all the best!

Nice to meet you Jeff. I also have renewed my promise to myself to take better care of myself and lose some weight. It isn’t easy!