Happy? One Year Anniversary


Okay, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this alittle. Now really who is going to want to come back and read my blog week after week? tee hee hee Well unless I suppose if I'm clever or witty or something....

Recently we reached my son's one year anniversary. You know it kind of put me into a tailspin as I have no doubt it hits most parents. We did go out to dinner as a family and "Celebrated Life"! You see my son's blood sugar was well over 1000 in the ER at his diagnosis on June 20, 2006. In the hospital he had visits by hospital personnel who had heard, they wanted to see him - kind of famous he was - for walking into the ER unassisted with a blood sugar that high. There seemed to be no doubt he had angels watching over him -- so on the one year anniversary .... we celebrated LIFE. Certainly felt appropriate.

Though to be at this point it's difficult in many ways, as a mom, I do have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for so much. My gratefulness so far outweighs the sadness. Thank you God!!!


Welcome, and I think it’s awesome that you celebrate the day of diagnosis. You can get bogged down with all the why’s, but it’s good to remember that in a way it is a new lease on life! Not that long ago it was a death sentence, and today the treatment and tools seem to be exploding. Your attitude is very inspiring!


Good for you! I have to admit, I’m still not there yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that Griffin was able to get such good care so quickly and for all the technology which will make his D experience so much better than in years past. I just can’t celebrate it yet. Doing the fundraising does help me to feel less helpless, though.


Kirsten, I have to say I can’t celebrate the diabetes -but I can celebrate life so I hear ya all the way! I’m working my way out of the tailspin. Some days are better than others that is for sure. {{hugs}}


yay one year of life! congratulate your son for me. next year, 30th april, i am so going to do something fun and celebrate MY life! :slight_smile:


And as well you should celebrate your life Daena!! Let’s celebrate it today!!! :slight_smile: I love your picture Daena - you have a great SMILE!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


My son’s 2 year anniversary is coming up in October.

That one year milestone was awful hard for me. We had plans and did fun things on the actual date, but that day before, I was a puddle of tears all day.

The day after his diagnosis I held a diabetes walk in honor of him. I will be hosting a walk again this year and this year it will fall on his actual diagnosis date, October 6.

It’s a nice way of kind of thumbing my nose at diabetes.


Hi Osu mom,
I recognized you from CWD. We just hit our 1 year on 6/29. My daughter is only 4 though, and we did not celebrate. Maybe we will as she gets older and realizes. I found myself very uspset the weeks prior to the 1 year, remembering how ill she had been a year prior and how helpless we had felt. Strangely now that the “anniversary” is past I feel better, lighter almost. Let’s hope it stays that way. Good job on the celebrating, I hope to be able to one day!