Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on Tudiabetes. This is NOT the day to be a diabetic. I hope everyone is able to enjoy themselves today to the fullest extent posdible while managing to get through the day unscathed. Health and happiness to all!!

I passed on the family gathering out of town. Enjoyed a quiet day, with a delightful hike. Just my normal meals. I feel happy, healthy. Glad to avoid the angst of THE MEAL.

I had an interesting day. The big spike was from the race. I ate pretty early, light piece of 10G toast and eggs, bolused for 15G of carbs like I usually do, had about 1.5U on board when I parked, 45 minutes before race time, saw a 127 on the CGM, down frm 140 which made me think it was insulining at 7:15 so I had 1/2 a 15G of carb nut bar as I just didn’t want to deal with getting low.

I ran pretty fast, pushed it pretty hard but had a bit of slow due to traffic (9:00-10:00 milers starting out ahead of the 7:00 mile part of the corral, why, I can’t imagine but it created a bit of a logjam at the start. Perhaps I got a bit of a peeved boost too?) and then ran hard and had a nice run, but still only 23:30, apparently fast enough for an anaerobic boost? In the starting corral, I noted either the stress or the nut bar fragment pushed the me up so I not only didn’t turn the basal down, I turned the basal up to 150% maybe 15 minutes before the race time, figuring it was a short, 5K so I’d finish before the insulin started hitting but, by the end of the run the “kick” really got me cranked up, and post-run BG was 188, eek!

I took a CB and stopped by Walgreens for a “refill” on insulin (more peevishness, guy with no insurance card running through 15-20 minutes of customer service options b/c he forgot his meds in another 'burb and, frankly, just being goofy about it…when MrsDork busted out her card and the clerk was like “with that, it’ll be 36.xx, but there’s no reimbursement” WHICH THEY HAD TO THINK ABOUT, I was very tempted to pay it but decided to behave myself. So the bonus bolus and basal corrections got me down, I made some potatoes for the party and, suprise, ran low, what better to eat than potatoes? Oooops, spike #2. Dinner only spiked me to 117ish on the CGM so, after the other hijinks, I was pleased with that. Then came home to watch the episodes of “Ink Masters” we taped earlier.

We had a lovely day. Spent the morning cooking sides with my wife - quinoa dressing, sauteed chard, baked butternut squash, turnips, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes. Behaved myself at the meal and avoided any spikes. I actually ran a bit low overnight which wasn't so great but was able to keep above 70 so not so bad.

A much better day than last year when my site went bad on Thanksgiving evening and I ended up around 200.

May the coming year be a good one for all of us.

I had a great day, I cooked a 21lb turkey on the grill. I had first brined it and then cooked it slow, slightly smoked. We had 18 people for dinner ranging from age 2 to 95 as well as two dogs. I ate a lot, but made choices. Still I had a slice of pumpkin pie and almond chocolate cake for desert, a rare treat.

I went to a restaurant that was serving Thanksgiving dinner and the portions were a bit more dainty than I would have had at home! I couldn’t turn down stuffing or pumpkin pie and was surprised to find that I overbolused. After carefully treating a low at 1am, I went to sleep and woke up at 49 at 3am. Treated it… and then overdid it with peanut butter before going back to bed. I woke up at 165. Not too happy about that, but this was my first time eating Thanksgiving food with D.