Happy to be here!

Hi all, i’m happy to be a part of this vibrant community. I’m a care giver of a diabetic person in my family, and i love the possibility to learn from others in order to be better at supporting. In my day to day i’m a programmer, a musician and i love art in general.

During the last two years i started developing some utilities for the aforementioned diabetic person in my family, which is an activity that filled me with joy, as i was able to do something tangible for helping someone.

I’m sure i’ll learn a lot from you all,


Science and numbers form the basis for managing diabetes. It is the art of managing diabetes that truly elevates that effort. You can and should learn all about the science and ratios; your understanding of art, however, adds an immeasurable degree of competence to your effort.

Welcome to TuD, Tommaso. Your relative is lucky to have you in his/her life!