Happy Update

well yesterday I went to the doctor… GUESS WHAT?? They took me off one of my diabetes meds WOOT! And she was totally pleased with my weight loss progress and sugar process, she thought i was actually a little low. That I haven’t been having the up and down she wants me to have ie 120-140 after meals. So now i’m only taking the metphormin! She seemed pretty sure if i keep my progress when i go back in 2 months i’ll be off that too! /dances!

BTW I was 140 at the doctor 30 minutes after eating & clothes on… I am now 136lb with no clothes on! Oh and my biggest loser cardio video came in today from amazon so i’m going to be alternating the cardio work out with the power blast. Now just gotta figure out when to do the pilaties HAHA maybe i will start doing those in the evenings.

Oh yah and i got a nice complament today, this guy at work i don’t see often i saw today and he said with complete sincaraty “wow, the excersise is really working for you, i can REALLY tell your weight loss” That felt really good cause i still have days and hours where i still feel fat, cause i still am for my size.


Congrat’s on the coming off the med’s and your weight loss. Please keep us updated on your progress. Keep rocking and shedding those pounds.:slight_smile:


Congratulations on this accomplishment and “defeat”!!!


Congratulations on being a loser and a winner!!! Keep going at it.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI