Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Just wanted to express that sentiment and hope everyone enjoys this special day.
We're lucky to be born into this time where there are effective medications and knowledge to combat this disease.
I just got my A1C reading and unfortunately,I've got work to do.
Lantus has been a blessing,but it does seem to promote a feeling in me of "guess I can fudge again today because my fasting morning levels are so good" I'm always under 120 upon awakening. Gotta go back to knocking off eating after 5:00 pm. Evenings are a struggle for me,but I'll pull it off.

Good health,exercise and eat sensibly.

Thank you 2tall63!! :) Happy Valentines Day to you also.

Oh, you are not alone. My last A1c wasn't a happy one either.
Two more Levemir units was suggested by my Endo and it has
helped recently.

Have a Wonderful day and evening and Good Health to you!!

Happy Valentine's Day! I use Levemir because Lantus gave me a headache. As for eating after 5:00--I shouldn't but I do. It's a long time between dinner and breakfast. do you use a fast-acting? If not, using one in the evening might help.

30 units of Lantus at night and 2500 mg of Metformin throughout the day.
I just need to discipline myself. I've gained about 10# because I've been lazy lately. Put in four miles on my bike this morning and just picked up a used recreation SUP. My last eye check showed a little vascular damage in one eye,but no leakage and a little cloudiness in the left eye.
Just need to follow the rules.
Hang in there everybody!

I'm Type 1, so maybe we're comparing apples and oranges...

We're going for Red--a little red wine, marinara sauce on our home-made meatloaf, and strawberries for dessert. My best to you and yours this Valentine's day!