Happy World Diabetes Day to Everyone!

Hello all… I’d like to wish everyone a Happy World Diabetes Day and to say how thankful I am for the world’s recognition of this disease.

All my best wishes of health and happiness to you all.
Take good care of yourselves & each other my friends!

Happy World Diabetes Day to you too!

Everyone test your blood sugar and/or exercise and post about it HERE.

We are all going to celebrate today together at 2PM - doing the Big Blue Test - the numbers have already started coming in from Australia and now Europe. woo-hoo!

Happy Day to all of you.

The day and celebrations are almost over here (Manila, Philippines), indeed it is one exciting day! Moreso, I get to celebrate it again with you here =) Yupie!

The World Diabetes Day Events are amazing here in Texas, I can’t wait until tonight! Happy World Diabetes Day to y’all! I nearly started crying hearing the local station(103.5 BOB FM) broadcasting info about Diabetes, type 2 and type 1 alike! WDD 2009 is amazing so far!

Thank you and you too! =]

All keep healthy and keep the faith…the cure is coming

Thanks Tracy and back at you. Hopefully everyone is enjoying a Fantastic World Diabetes Day!! :slight_smile:

Me too! Love the fact that we’re reconized now! And Thank You!!!

Thankfully numbers cooperated most of the day, save for the 53 at 2:00pm, I was really hoping to get to exercise.

WOW!!! I think that I saw on the evening news at 6:00(caught the tail end of it), that our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, had lots of Blue Circles and Blue lights adorning a tree in front of his residence, to observe WDD. COOL Guy, if so. :slight_smile:

Plus the Parliament Building(Peace Tower, of course).