Happy world diabetes day!

Well in 10 minutes over here in the uk :stuck_out_tongue: it will officially be the day that doesnt get celebrated over here. Never-the-less i would like to wish you all an amazing day! I wish i was over there taking part in something and meeting people with diabetes and i now have a mission to get it more aware of over here! Thanks all for being my new diabetic family :stuck_out_tongue: and have an awesome time if you are doing something for the day or not :D. xxx Aki.

hi Aki! yes, happy world diabetes day to you and to all of you here too. Here in Singapore there was some diabetes awareness event on Saturday, but I didn’t get to attend it as I was busy studying for my exams, which incidentally start this evening! I’m thankful for this community (and the others I am a part of) as well. :slight_smile: And someday, somehow, I will make sure I have a part to play in getting people here to be more aware of diabetes of all types. I think it is just not fair to lump T1 and T2 together like the media often does!

I may be late but Happy Diabetes day to you too! Give those ppl over there a chance for it to become an epidemic over there too and they will get together and try to find a way to stop it like we do! Havea wonderful day over there Aki and tell a few ppl about yourself and moybe that will get it started… One person can go a long way with this!!!