Hard to believe

Today is my 31st D anniversary. How the years have flown bye. I remember the days of urine testing and pork insulin. I remember my first test kit i got when i was 8 was huge and bulky and took minutes to get results. There were no insulin pumps, diabetic service dogs, CGMS, and the many great technologies we have now. I remember my first insulin pump a disetronic. I remember when the needles improved and were so much smaller. Hard to believe here i am 31 years later and for the most part doing quite well. Only obstacle has been my hypoglycemia unwareness that i currently experience. This has been a great year for me so far with a really great A1c and honor roll in college. I am hoping to have many more great years to come. Funny thing is that i have never celebrated or did anything special to celebrate. There is always next year. Good time to impliment a new tradition.

Not sure whether to commiserate with your or congratulate you! I guess congratulate you for coming this far and doing better and your success in college!

However, I guess it is good to be reminded of how things were, not so long ago and cause us to be thankful for what we have now in the terms of needles, testing kits and all that malarchy! I wish I could afford a CGM and a pump and a dog - being unemployed sucks, and in the UK where I live, there are onl 4 pumps allocated each year for free! I missed the boat. Again!

As for the needles and testing kit I well remember the first time I was diagnosed, I had just woken up in hospital and the doctor came to me and my first word was not polite! The doctor asked why I had said that, and I said that I have a phobia of needles. For the first 4 months we tried with tablets, but that was not to be. They had misdiagnosed me, based on age alone, and I was in fact (still am) type 1, not type 2 and the tablets did not work.

My mother went an interesting shade of grey when she first saw me inject, but I soon became adept at it and she now knows not to shout for me when I am injecting (till she forgets) so that I can have a steady hand and not break of needles. So far, so good on that front.

***Congratulations on Your 31st D-Anniversary Tarra!!!***

Way to go! That many years is certainly significant. I do enjoy hearing when Long-D-Termers say this or something similar,“here i am 31 years later and for the most part doing quite well”. :slight_smile:

It is special. I think you should celebrate! You could go to a movie with a friend, or buy a book that you have always wanted, get a pedicure/manicure, A nice bubblebath uninterruped…with candles… Celebrate my dear… D is hard work and you DESERVE a treat!!! Dont wait for next year!!!

You should celebrate my dear!!! go to a movie with a friend, or get a pedicure/manicure, or a nice bubblebath with candles and purfume… something!!! anything!!! You have worked very hard to manage D 31 years, most marrigaes dont even last that long… celebrate!!!

Congratulations! Your story is an encouragement to others–it certainly was uplifting for me to read. You should definitely celebrate now…31 years with diabetes and honor roll!

Congrats on your D turning 31 Tarra…awesome achievement and one I can scarcely believe as you don’t look a day older than mid twenties let alone having D for 31 years!!! :wink:
Lol all the things you have mentioned bring back a lot of memories (my D turns 30 next year). In all seriousness, to get this far with no complications and with such an outlook on life is no small feat! As such you should do something to celebrate - go on holiday or do something that you always wanted to do but never got around to.

Thanks Ant97gr i get told all the time i look 24 by the other college students. Thats great that you are too comming up on your 30 years. Im sure you feel the same that where did the time go.Thanks maria. Karebear i plan on doing something this weekend. Not sure what i will do but im sure it will be fun. Thanks Terrie and latvianchick.

I remember those days. The first meter was the accu check that needed so much more blood then today. It took 3 minutes to do. Let blood sit on strip for first minute, then wipe blood off and wait. Place test strip on cover and close it. It was like carrying around a laptop. The needles that felt a pencil stabbing into you. Those were the days!
Don’t feel bad about not celebrating it. I don’t!

Yeah i was happy to have one but the time and blood required left a lot to be desired. Yeah the needles were awful but at least things have improved greatly since then.