Has anyone ever guessed their BS right on the money?

I don't even know why I talk about anything related to this F***** condition as I should be out there trying live life which seems Impossible. So a few weeks back I was driving home from work had the numb lips and light headedness. I walk in the door and say to myself "my sugar is gonna be 58" and it was 57. Has anyone ever nailed it? I think being off one point is pretty dam good if I don't say so myself.

Most times I can estimate within 20 pts, but I don't usually guess a precise number as you did. When above 200, it's more like 40-80 pts off.
I remember one of the diabetes training sessions I had many many years ago suggested it was a good thing to do, to estimate prior to testing. It was a way of keeping or getting back the ability to detect lows.

Curious why you didn't stop while driving to check, since you felt lightheaded. 57 is pretty low to be driving.

I forget the exact numbers, but maybe the meters I use are plus or minus 10% from the actual value.

I'm glad you talk about this condition. Living life is prettty hard sometimes too.

Yes. I guess it right on the money often. Not with regularity, but at least maybe 1 times out of 100 I'm right on the money.

Yes. Many times.

I remember when I was a kid my doctor asked me to guess it before she tested me.

I said 226 it came back as 224,

I'll never forget that proud moment...

In your face Mom and Dad! I told you I don't have to test myself!!! LOL!!!

It used to happen to me pretty often. Strangely, the more stable my BG's are, the less able I am to guess them.

It depends.. Often I can gage the level of "lowishness" to a range of 7-10 points, depending on the symptoms. I generally feel at the absolute top of my game, pretty great and energetic anywhere between beween 85 and 145 or so.. but I do not try to guess and see. I just kind of know when I am in that range..I feel physically "normal" and "average". Like to be there.
As SamIam wrote, the more stable and in that normal range I am, the less accurate I am at guesssing the blood glucoses "right on the nose."

God bless,
Interesting post Gary :+)

I honestly can't tell the high range because generally I start feeling crappy once I start heading over 100 if I don't have any insulin on board but lows being a much narrower range are easier to figure. Still I was surprised I was only off one point. I doubt I could get that close again without some luck. This is a big part of the reason I don't test all that much because I trust my own judgement on my feelings at least with lows. If I can tell I am running high but really have no idea how high I may be I'll usually check but then again not always. Sometimes I'll just take a few units and if I end up taking too much I'll be prepared.

When I get to the 50 range, I can usually nail the number. Any other time it would be pure luck.

Ever heard the saying, "Test, don't guess!"

Yep, but I put it down to luck and educated guesses.

I have often thought damn I feel low, only to be met by my meter showing me an excessively high blood sugar...