Aren't I suppose to know when I am High?!?!?

Well, so far things have been really well. I have been trying not to be TOO strict, for fear that I will just give up...and so far, it worked. Well today my husband and I went to a little football party so I was not especially on my own game. It was fun, but when I got home, my BS was 512. Yikes. It is amazes me how that doesn't really phase me, though. I don't feel sick or anything. I mean, maybe a little tired, but nothing else. Shouldn't I be throwing up and completely ill?? Nope, not I. I mean, do other people have that same reaction or is it just me?? How do "normal" diabetics feel when their blood sugar is that high??? Should that even concern me? I mean, I took my insulin and I know it will go down, but should I have felt that it was shooting up?? Oh well. I know that some day soon when my blood sugar hits 300, I will immediately know it, right? or is that just an illusion I have in my mind. I honestly just don't even remember anymore.

Oh, and GO TIGERS!! :~)

some people never know when they are high or low. the hypo/hyper unawareness is very common.