The New Endo

I went to see my new endo last Friday. I switched because I was seeing the endo where I worked and no matter how much my coworkers should have been aware of hipaa, they were always looking in my records to tell me when I should test, whether or not to eat this or that and what time I should. It was quite annoying! Since, then, I’ve switched jobs anyway, but decided to go with a new endo, too.

So, the new endo… she’s pretty neat. She seems to know her stuff. She knows a lot about pumps too… I’ve not had much experience with my endo really knowing the workings of a pump— they have “educators” for stuff like that.

Anyway, she dedided to not go ahead and do my a1c since I still have another month until it’s actually due. At the appointment, I had a perfect 108 blood sugar reading (always nice to give a good first impression, right?). She reviewed everything and gave me some new rxs. For the first month, I have to email/ fax my readings to her (since I’m a “new patient”) for review. She is very serious about the patient’s involvement in their own care and fires patients that don’t take care of themselves.

That makes me think, too. Have any of you gotten a “fire letter” from your endo? I got one once when I moved and had to get a new one. After a year, I got a letter saying I was being “fired” as his patient since I had not sent in my readings nor scheduled a visit. Not that it mattered really, I already had been seeing a new guy.

I had an endo “fire” me because I didn’t understand why he wanted me to change something that was working just fine and I questioned him. Hey it is my body and I am not going to do something I don’t understand and I guess it is against the law to question “God.”

I have almost been “fired” but I chose to leave. In my chart he marked that I was not cooperating. I have since changed doctors but the location is not conveinent. I am going to a new endo on Tuesday that one of my Type II friends really likes and is really close to work. So…wish me luck!