Has anyone traveled to Mexico to buy their supplies?


I’ve tracked the claim to the original source. “It is reported that in underdeveloped countries such as Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico, up to 40% of manufactured pharmaceuticals may be counterfeit.” Note that the source of the drugs or the type of drugs is not mentioned at all in the report.

Despite being quoted all over the internet, this is a brief stat in an FDA report from 2003:
https://permanent.access.gpo.gov/LPS112182/LPS112182_interim_report.pdf. The report doesn’t mention Mexico again… so it’s difficult to tell how they determined that statistic.

For people who are interested in purchasing drugs from Mexico, I’ve listed a couple guides below that can help you purchase them more safely. Buying from a licensed pharmacy is the number one recommendation across all articles I read.


Also, I found this dissertation interesting: https://dash.harvard.edu/bitstream/handle/1/8965600/Lazar06.pdf?sequence=1


That is so obvious it’s a bit depressing it even needs to be stated. Anyone who tries to buy insulin from some shady character in a back alley – maybe with a table of Prada handbags? – well, as they say, buyer beware.


No, it was probably REAL fentanyl from Mexico that killed them.


I dont think thats entirely true, well not if you buy at a regular well known pharmacy. I’ve always lived here except for a couple of years when moved to the US and haven’t had ANY trouble with my meds.


Only Medtronic pumps in Mexico. You cannot buy a pump in a pharmacy and the prices are about the same as those for a pump in the US, same with reservoirs and other pump supplies :slight_smile:


Are people travelling over into the border towns these days? I did that as a teenager (20 years ago), but its been a long time since I considered that it was safe. I would never drive across. I have a need for cheap, awesome tile, but had written off Mexico, where I used to get it. Whats the word on the street from the south?



Definitely, there are insecure spaces, such as in other countries…I wouldn’t buy insulin on a street down in Tijuana hahaha but I DO that in a safe pharmacy in the city…


I need to remove my staff hat here and say; “The amount of misinformation here is outrageous.” There are fake meds EVERYWHERE, and as a customer, you have to be very smart. Of course, you are not going to purchase any medication from a flea market; there are legit pharmacies where if I need to buy meds I’ll be okay. As a matter of fact, the vial my son is using TODAY came from Mexico, the third one we have used without any issues.

The question here is not if the meds are real or fake, the question should be WHERE can I purchase meds safely in MX if needed. Sadly we have a messed up health system and a Pharma industry who is loyal to the Investors not patients. It should be a shame for this country to force people to purchase medication in other countries.


Having spent two years living in Juarez, I must say that border towns have a reputation that might not always be accurate. Around the 2009/2010 time frame Juarez was not a safe place. In fact, it was the murder capital of the world. But that time has long past. The problem now is that people on the US side of the border remember the bad times and thinks it’s still like that. The bad reputation that cities like Juarez developed are hard to get rid of.

If we look closer to home, the US is developing a reputation abroad as an unsafe place and fewer families are sending their children to the US for high school and college. The perception is they are not safe places. But perception doesn’t always mirror reality.

The reality, at least in my experience, is that it is well worth your time and money to cross into Mexico, find a reputable pharmacy, and buy your insulin there. You will be safe, you will safe money, and you will start getting to know a beautify country.


Good to know, you guys. I’m near the Canadian border, so I’m out of the loop on Juarez. For what its worth, its tougher to get across the Northern border these days. But, if you get your drivers licence certified like passport, its easier. If you have a DUI on record, it can be difficult or sometimes impossible to travel into Canada (because that’s a felony in Canada and Canada doesn’t take in US felons.)


I assume you mean if you have a US State driver’s license which is “Real ID” compliant. Each state has the right to decide IF and WHEN they choose to comply.
In some states, it will be an option to get a driver’s license which is “Real ID” compliant or not.

I remember years back even before all these new security changes that the Canadians always took the DUI issue very seriously.


hehehe, we will never be realID compliant. The Feds have our DMV real frightened. They have refused to extend their compliance deadline. Feds got them crapping their pants. Its fun to see authorities crack down on my authorities. The DMV makes me cry and the Feds make the DMV cry. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

But, we have something else, other than ReadlD…

Yea, Canada’s DUI exclusion really hits our fishing population where it hurts.


Minnesota actually will offer as an option, the RealID card after Oct 10 of this year.

However the Minnesota (optional) alternative of the Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) or Enhanced ID Card (EID) appears to convey all the benefits of the RealID while ALSO being valid for border crossings for “land and sea from Canada, Mexico, and some countries in the Caribbean”

And it appears Minnesota will still allow people to skip either and stick with the plain old license/ID.


They have yet to make one deadline. If they make this one, I’ll eat my hat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHFJ8oju9u0

IT staff are in tears. http://www.fox9.com/news/secret-recordings-reveal-untold-story-of-mnlars-mess

They told me my bug would be fixed Dec 31st. Jan 1st, I got pulled over again for suspended license. The cops have stopped even hassling me about it. I’m lucky. Other bugs are causing old ladies to get pulled over at gun point. Takes soooooo long to fix. I think they gotta start over from scratch. Computer system MUST be destroyed. It was spawned from the devil.

Update to @Tim35: I wish we could put money on this. That would make it fun, like horse racing. As of today, work has ceased by the new contractors. The legislature wont pay them. The soap opera continues…its getting amazingly good.

I’m actually enjoying the fiasco now. Imagine the brunette as the MN legislature. Imagine the girl in the wheelchair as the poor software company in Colorado that got suckered into taking this job. They have no idea whats coming.


What you need to do is get a Passport Card which is valid for Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. It has an RFID chip which enables you to return through the Ready Lane rather than general public. It costs around $30 and you don’t have to get a passport to order one. We have both. We used the passport card for our recent vacation in Canada and we use it in Mexico.


Recommend Costco Mexico. Stores in every major city. Two in Tijuana, we go to Zona Rio.