Buying your insulin in mexico

I need info on going to MEXICO for my insulin(on TOUJEO-HUMOLOG-NPH) all kwikpens and the DOUGHNUT hole is just screwing me … please let me know folks…Im type since 5th grade in school and Im 58 now… THANKS !!!

Have you asked your doc for insulin? I get enough insulin at each 90-day visit that I don’t have to bother with getting insulin at a pharmacy.

NPH can be had at Walmart for $24.95/vial. Might save you some time. You could also look at Mark’s Marine Pharmacy in Canada. They ship, their reasonable, and they are quicker than driving to Mexico unless you live on the border. Don’t forget to factor in the extra border delays due to current enforcement, and bring your passport.


Have used Mike’s Marine
They are great!

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Same for me. Just visited my endo and she gave me all the Fiasp I need for six months. It’s not covered by my insurance. The pharma reps shower endos with samples in hopes they’ll recommend to their patients.

I use Mark’s Marine Pharmacy for an anti-seizure med not covered by my insurance. Always competent service and almost immediate access to a pharmacist if questions arise. My doctor recommended them so I don’t worry about knock-offs.

I haven’t used them for insulin. Not sure how they ship to the US without degradation. There’s always a chance shipments will get held up in customs.

NPH and R (regular) at Walmart. You should be covered, as El_ver suggests, if you need it. (unless your in Indiana, I think, thats the state that doesn’t sell over the counter insulin).

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I’ve heard of several people who have without any problems whatsoever. They use the same Styrofoam insulated coolers with ice packs as we use here, so there really shouldn’t be any problems.

They are a very reputable, above board company.

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That’s great to know if I ever have to buy insulin “way up north” :wink:

You can order via mail, I think.

I think Walmart will sell it, but RX is required.

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