Has anyone tried taking 1/2 unit only with novopen jr?

I'm pretty sensitive to my insulins at the moment. (Usually about 2 units of levemir for basal and a total of 5-6 units of novolog for the entire day.) But I'm running about 180-200 this morning. Relatively new to insulin and haven't really needed to correct before, but pretty sure that 1 full unit will make me plummet too low. (And pre-lunch is where my #s usually dip lowest, so the time of day for correcting is making me nervous too....) The novopen jr can dose in 1/2 units, but only for 1 unit and up. Has anyone had luck with using the 1st click to 1/2, even though it's "off-label"? No, I don't have any syringes. Just the pens right now. Thanks for any thoughts you can give.

I use the NovoPen Echo and rarely use 1/2 unit for corrections. I still have the impression that it works but my sensitivity for 1 IU is just -40mg/dl. The key to good application with NovoPens is to always follow the priming procedure with every single shot.

I think you have to trust the claims that a 1/2 unit is just not possible. If you really fear a low, then taking a 1/2 unit correction that may vary between zero and 1 unit doesn't seem good. You could combine a 1 unit correction with appropriate carbs. It is normal to rise 10 mg/dl for every gram of carbs. You can calculate your personal factor this knowing your insulin dosing ratios. I call it the Carb Correction Factor (CCF) and it is equal to you Insulin Sensitivity Factor(ISF) / Insulin to Carb Ratio (ICR). If you ICR is 10 and your ISF is 100, then a gram of carbs will raise your blood sugar 10 mg/dl.

So you could take a 1 unit correction and chomp the right amount of carbs.

In the end, if you continue to need small amounts of insulin, you may need to either consider a pump or insulin dilution. Insulin dilution is sometimes used with kids in order to enable more accurate dosing. If your total daily dose continues less than ten you might consider working with your doctor and pharmacist on this option.

Thanks to both of you for the replies. I am considering a pump for sensitivity & adjustment reasons, but have only been on insulin since March and am trying to become proficient in the basics first.
Today I ended up doing no correction and ended up being 90 a couple hours later anyhow. Very confusing. (Sigh) But the suggestion of having a small snack with the full correction unit was helpful. Or at the least, I'll have smarties at the ready....

When my son was little (under age 2) we used the novopen jr.for 1/2 units.I never liked it. He always ended up with a drop of insulin on his skin after the injection. We gave that up and went to syringes because we felt like we knew he was getting insulin. Not long after that, we switched to a pump. It was a great choice for us.

I was also very insulin sensitive at first and my endo perscribed .5 unit with the flexpen jr. I never had issues with unexplained highs. But everyone reacts differently.

Do you think it is important to actually prime the novopen a full two units, or will just a one unit prime suffice as long as you can see a few drops of insulin come out--- I usually just prime 1 unit because I hate to waste it

Yes we like the pen that does half units for more precision. Sometimes I use a syringe, esp for night corrections that need to be very precise. I got a humalog pen that does half units (it takes small vials) that we sometimes use with a nano needle that is very very tiny. I also use a regular humalog pen sometimes.