Problem with insulin pen

Does any one else have a problem with their insulin pens when they try to give themselves a shot of 1 unit? I have an Eli Lilly pen and when I squirt out a shot of 1 unit barely any insulin comes out, around 3 drops, but when I squirt out a shot of 2 units a whole stream of insulin comes out. Also when I only do a shot of 1 unit to cover a snack my sugar goes high, so I’m thinking the 1 unit dose isn’t working.

Ive tried opening a new pen and it works for a few times with a dose of 1 unit but then after I use it for about a day the insulin that comes out for a shot of 1 unit is less.

are you making sure your pen is primed first?

I have not been able to get a reliable single unit of insulin out of a pen. I always do a minimum of 2 units. I have the Novopen Junior and technically it does 1/2 unit but less than 2 units seems not to register in my body- my BG goes high even though the insulin was enough for the small snack. Above 2 units, the half units work great. Can you inject a single unit with a syringe, I wonder? I had thought that a pen was more accurate with smaller doses but it doesn’t seem to apply to a single unit for me.

I find that 2 units is the minimum. Between two and three units, sometimes the extra drops at the tip makes the measurement inaccurate.

I don’t take less than 3 units anymore.

Also just because it looks like a stream doesn’t mean it is any more than a couple of drops. The streams are longer but much thinner than the drops. They end up being the same volume.

BUBBLES could be a probem, especially when doing low doses. I use the shor mini NO PINCH UP pen needles, I like them best and less waste as well. I also change my pen needle jsut once a day (less waste). I DO CHECK the prime EVERY TIME, even if only by pressing the end to be sure a droplet forms at the end of the needle.

Once in a while I have a problem with dose, but then again maybe my estimate was a bit off…

First my carb ratio is 1 unit per 10grams of carb and CF is 1:25 or 1 unit of humalog will lower my BS by 25 points. IF I am on the low side I take a unit less of insulin adn if above my range I add a correction factor. I I am low enough I can skip a 1 unit shot and not get too high (usually) and or correct it the next meal. I figure each 10 grams of carbs will raise my BS 20 points (sometimes more), everyone is different so you NEED to know your own sensitivities ratios and CFs.

I have my BASAL set real well so I seldom have a real need for between meal snacks, unless I do phsyical activity. I can go as long as 5 hrs between meals IF my basal is spot on and my carb count/dose are both accurate.

(&( GOMER now that I ahve said what I said I will probable go a little wacky…(punishment?).

I use a novolog pen, and about a year ago I started doing 1 & 2 unit corrections. Most of the time (say 75%) I think it’s accurate and does what I expect. I always prime it, and leave it in for a least 5 seconds (try to do a full 10). I have not noticed any difference in accuracy based on the age of the pen.