Insulin Pens

Hi...My daughter was diagnosed in the Honeymoon period and used only one shot of Lantus each day for 6 months...She has now begun covering 2 meals a day with Novolog...She takes only half a unit for her dinner meal..My Nurse says there is no pen needle that allows you to dose only a half unit...Is this true?...My husband said something about a Novolog Junior pen..Thanks...Marnie

We don't use pens anymore, but there definitely was a pen that had a half unit dosage when we did get some. And the Novolog Jr. sounds right. You can google it - and ask your doctor to too! I would think anyone treating kids with diabetes should know about that.

As I understand it - Lantus pens don't dose in 1/2 units (I always get corrected on here though so some other parent may have different information.)

I'm almost certain Novolog junior pens can dose down to .5

Hi here is the best 1/2 units - My son used it before the pump...
I hope you can find it to buy, they are quite cheap!!!

Good Luck !!!

Not totally sure if things have changed since we started the pump, but I remember that there were pens that could dose in 0.5 units, BUT ONLY over 1 unit. So, you can give 1.5, 2.5, etc. but are NOT able to dose just 0.5 units. You have to make sure when you ask that the person understands you are not talking about half unit dosing, but rather dosing only a half of a unit at a time. Good luck!

Just looked at my duaghter's junior pen and it will let you do a half unit.

Look into diluting insulin as well; that might be possible, in order to get accurate doses at a half unit. Five years ago our pen did not do .5 units, although it did imply it did on the pen itself. I think over a unit it could do half units. So just because the pen can be dialed to a half unit does not mean it will deliver that amount.

We used diluted humalog for the first 7 months after diagnosis. When my son gradually worked upt to 12 - 15 unit of diluted insulin (which seemed like so much) our dr switched him over to regular insulin. She prescribed the pen (didn't have 1/2 unit option), but also allowed us to use the vial (insulin) within the pen as a "bottle of insulin". (Hope that makes sense.) Although she said we could use the pen and prescribed us needles for it, we have chosen to instead use the pen with the regular insulin syringe. In otherwards, we dose insulin by drawing from the end of the pen into a syringe and by doing so, we can give my son 1/2 units.

I believe eventually he will outgrow the need for 1/2 units, but this works for us right now. Switching him from diluted insulin to regular insulin was a big deal for me, I'm sure one of the many milestones we will encounter. It sounds like people in this blog are pointing you in the right direction. I have found this blog helpful and supportive in so many ways. Good luck in your journey with your daughter, remember you are not alone.


Thx for the info on the pen needles...But now something else has come up..My daughter was always tired and cold...Her blood work shows elevated TSH...the doc wants her on one pill a day for hypothyroid...25 milligrams...i hear this is not all that uncommon for type 1 diabetics...anyone else dealing with this? Thanks again, marnie

We use novopen junior too, it doses 0,5 units, from 1 unit upward.
You can give just 0,5U, but it is not granted as accurate and consistent.

For lantus, we use a Lilly Luxura HD (mind you, HD has 0,5 units, there is Luxura non-HD which has only full units) with lantus cartridges. Their size is the same of humalog cartridges but to put lantus in the luxura pen you need to put a needle on to let some lantus spring away when you screw it.