Has anyone used the CVS blue tooth meter

I. Just found this today. I use the CVS advanatage system 20 cents a strip and highly rated by the reviews that I have seen. It pretty much matches my one touch ultra readings.
Before Dinner I tested Ne new Blue tooth meter as compared to my standard Advantage meter.
New meter 104 old meter 102, so pretty good.
I have not read through the instructions yet and looked at the app. I am hoping to have an easy way to records and graph my readings.

At this point all I can say is that is very small, and the readings match my typical meter.

I will read all the instructions tomorrow. Let me know if any one uses it
I use to use the glucose Buddy app, but then they changed it and all you got was an average of all the readings, which does not mean much to me.

I have this meter. I’m very new though…might not want to listen to me. I feel I’ve got this figured out though. Using the AgaMatrix app with it. Seems like it works fine and quite inexpensive strips! What questions do you have?

Thanks but it have decided not to use the Bluetooth meter from CVS

May we ask if your reason is technical? Thanks, Nancy 50

I was and still am looking for something that will print out a graph of all the readings each day. Not just an average for the day. At this point I have figured it out although it is possible that this would do it.

The One Touch Verio will give this to you. Nancy50

Hi Tom:

I am using the Contour One Next meter which gives the most accurate BG results from the various meters I tested. I do not use, but believe all Contour products tie into Glucofacts Deluxe management software that will give you more customizable statistics, reports, by day/week than you would ever really want to look at.

Thanks I will look at the one touch again. But I am looking for actually numbers graphed. I think what i pulled up on line has different colors for ranges.
If that is what you are using.